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Birmingham mourns after missing toddler found dead

Kamille McKinney was last seen alive on Oct. 12 outside a birthday party, and two suspects are in police custody.



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  1. My goodness, this is very sad. My prayers for the family. But my question is why are the little badies, playing outside alone. Parents please watch your children 24/7.

  2. No no no no no 😭
    This is just heartbreaking! My thoughts and prayers for her innocent soul and her mourning family. I hope the tough arm of justice swings hard at the people responsible. She was only 3!!!

  3. So has the body been 100% identified/confirmed now?

  4. Sending love and Prayers from Birmingham England XXXX. 😪💔

  5. This is a great reason to have no faith in humanity,
    hope whoever did it gets tortured for 50 years and dies the most horrible painful death possible.

  6. My heart skip a beat… why, why such evil ppl in this world. Now she’s with the Lord our savior. I hope they capture the scum bag and set🔥 so 💔heartbreaking 😪😪😪

  7. Soooooooooooo sorry to learn of this

  8. Maybe there would be more outraged about this if the killer kidnappers were white.

  9. Blame the sorry azz parents, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold that child! Nobody leaves a 3yr old alone outside at night! This wouldn’t have happened if they were actually responsible parents!!

  10. I’m so sorry to the family and friends and all those who searched and hoped to have a better result than this. 💔😭

  11. If those two did indeed kill that angel and dumped her in the trash..firing squad

  12. fucccccck 🥺🥺🥺 I hope they inject the accused and botch it so they suffer 🤬

  13. RIP Beautiful Angel 😭

  14. Rest In Peace Kamille, you’re God’s beautiful little Cupcake now. I can’t wait til they convict these animals. I pray they get the death penalty and would gladly pull the switch if they’d let me. My heart aches for this tremendous loss to our community. 💔😭

  15. They need to have The Firing Squad and it be LIVE on TV for ALL and other Pedophiles to take notice, cause this is becoming to common in America

  16. Lord God… it's unfathomable. WHAT on God's green earth??? Omg! I hope they've nabbed the right people!!!

  17. These 2 MEN just need to be shot, killed & dumped in the garbage!

  18. I just don’t understand, why people are so heartless. What makes someone see a child and think I’m going to hurt him/ kill her/rape him or her.

  19. Derp derp derp… This is America. We suck. We elect a retard. We ignore our children. We love our guns. God bless America.

  20. 😰 Poor baby. She was beautiful. Prayers going up for her family. Just don't understand how anyone could want to harm little children…they're so innocent….

  21. I'm a parent now and this hurts lot I can't believe ppl will do this to a young child RIP lil queen

  22. Hopefully they find the perp and burn him alive.

  23. I'm White guy OMGGG what the F… Bruh That horror was monster murder a child!!?? seriously This need fk beat suspect must slow painful and go to hell stay life. I'm srry for lose child. God help

  24. This sucks ass, I'm so piss about this, I a believer of God but man I want to hurt the ones that hurt this little angle ! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. This breaks my heart. I was praying for her safe return.

  26. this is so sad to hear 🙁

  27. Horrible sick demonic trash killing innocent baby 😢🙏

  28. So many toddlers are being taken and killed, make sure to keep a close eye on your kids and always be careful on which people hang around them.

  29. I'm studying English as a second language, can anyone tell me what's the sentence at 0:170:18 sec please??

  30. So tragic. What a beautiful child

  31. May the most high God have this precious Soul right next to him in peace. And may God bring trials and tribulations and pawn the wicked evil individual who did this heinous crime. My prayers go out to the family. Do not lose hope and Faith.

  32. 7:25 in the PM and you have TWO KIDS PLAYING OUTSIDE ALONE BY THEMSELVES!!!!!! why??? WHY!!! C'mon parenting! You couldn't possibly be so caught up in partying to be SO INATTENTIVE. If that's the case YOU SHOULD OF HAD A CHILD HARNESS or A trusted CLOSE RELATIVE as a watchful eye over your kid! No amount of "GOOD TIME" is worth losing a PRECIOUS LIFE🙄

  33. How the fuck do you leave your 3 year unattended in a public park. Why in what world?

  34. Yoww wtfffffff💔💔💔💔💔💔

  35. I’m sick to my stomach 😔 this poor innocent baby.

  36. Tf, there was a woman involved in all of this. These 2 are disgusting!… It's time to restore street justice!

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