‘Bit of mayo on it’: Steve Smith reacts to best grabs of BBL|12

We sat down with Aussie superstar Steve Smith who gave us his reaction to the best catches from BBL|12, including a “regulation” grab by good friend Marnus Labuschagne!

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  1. Even settlement king Ricky would sit for appreciation if Aussie board pays him to do so😅

  2. "Should be taken at this level. Regulation." 😂😂

  3. Smudge thats cruel on marnus😝

  4. I hope the great man never retires if he has plans on getting into commentary! 😂

  5. Love Maxwell khilar bastman

  6. “Oh that’s a good catch,oh it’s Marnus wasn’t that good actually” 😂

  7. Pls dont leave test cricket
    U r heart of test cricket 😢😢❤🇮🇳🙏

  8. A bit of Moye moye…. Also

  9. "Such catches should be taken at this level" ~Steve Smith
    I liked this statement ❤

  10. Fitting for one of the better fielders in the world to give his opinion isn't it

  11. As an avid fan, I love interacting with your videos!👍

  12. Thank you for the time and energy you invest!✌️