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Bitcoin price slumps after DOJ recovered pipeline hack ransom

Jodie Kelley, Electronic Transactions Association CEO, discusses the hit to Bitcoin and explains how the Justice Department was able to recover much of the ransom paid out during the Colonial Pipeline hack.

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  1. I want to wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is $80,000 i know its possible

  2. Bitcoin is about to take a deep plunge by July.
    Just went you thought it was safe to come out of the water huh kids.

  3. Weird…….establishment shills spreading FUD…….

  4. Because the whole thing was a sham. I bet the criminal government is behind the fake ransom attack because they know Bitcoin and other crypto will be taking over

  5. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto.

  6. I dumped bitcoin years ago for Nano.
    Nano —- Think feeless instant transfers of any value including micropayments, no minimum balance required, decentralized, distributed, ESG compliant, and easy to use. Digital money for the modern world.
    This isn't financial advice. Do your Due Diligence.

  7. The money was ‘recovered’….. hahahahahahahahaha

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  9. So Colonial got ransom back.
    Internet money is same as internet. I can be manipulated, hacked or spied on by big Tech / Media.
    America must invest heavily in security,

  10. Investing is how you create Wealth, I started investing from pandemic crash👍

  11. Hedgefunds and market makers from wallstreet have been manipulating it really hard here lately. Im not buying this one bit.

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  14. Bitcoin, a digital currency that is only viable because of it's anonymity, was back traced, and returned to it's original owner??? X TO DOUBT!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  15. Shut BIT COINS down… it's only good for criminals…

  16. FBI just happened to have the "hackers" Bitcoin password … that's because it's the FBI's own account.

  17. That’s not why the price recovered

  18. Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador will be a huge deal to the monetary system. Also many corporations putting it on the balance sheet . Countries including china and America wanting to create there own stable coins like Tether. Shows that Blockchain Technology and crypto is the best currency and technology ever created if that happens it will legitimize Bitcoin as a store of value I believe. Country stable coins will be debased over Time people will realize this the second they are released will be unlimited creation this will have Bitcoin and Ethereum the gold and have more people than today see it as a store of value. These people hate markets wall street can't control like stock don't get me wrong I own stock but I'm a long term holder same as cryptocurrency.

  19. Stop paying your taxes stop paying your rent stuff going to work there is no USD there is no nation state there's only this fraud bitscams

  20. The crypto space is a very volatile one indeed. Which is why its not advisable for inexperienced individuals to dive into the market independently, but seek the assistance of experts who are well experienced and understands the nature and structure of the market with the everyday trend, and know how best to trade this uncertainties and make good returns eventually. Where the application of the right strategies and risk management to ensure this.

  21. Screw the government and the US dollar

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  23. The pipe line was like "aw, ya got us, here you go." then the US govt was like " Psyche!"

  24. A fixed supply of the BTC is what makes it attractive as a form of currency. No more fiat, which by the way, why do we pay taxes if they can just print all the fiat they need? Also, BTC moves 24/7 with no intermediaries [gate keepers], not just 9-5 excluding weekends and holidays. Smart contracts will do away with the lawyers just like crypto will make the World Bank obsolete. It's sort of like removing the resistance, or impedance from a circuit. Finally automation will start culling the 1% job market and the main stream media they finance. The Federal Reserve will have to find their blood supply somewhere else as the entire planet moves towards crypto. Sanitary currency supply is what it's about, not the dirty money that's been used to economically enslave the American people, and the world.

  25. Bitcoin seeing v-shaped recovery as El Salvador makes it legal tender.

  26. Glad they did, but they hacked it like how I hacked my sisters email when she left her password on a post-it on her desk.

    I expect e FUD to go bonkers as BTC grows more. I always new US would go to war with it. US being stubborn to not start accumulating it. It obliterates gold.

  27. If you own Bitcoin. If you took the time to truly understand Bitcoin. If you’re watching this and you’re reading this comment…

    We are ridiculously still early. 😂🤣😂

    The knowledge gap here is shocking and beyond disturbing!!

  28. The media creates fake narrative that Bitcoin is untraceable. Then proceeds to debunk their own lies as a weapon to attack Bitcoin.

    Also if you think bitcoin can be hacked and confiscated when stored properly in cold storage your an idiot who shouldn’t be commenting on Bitcoin topics. Just my two cents.

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