Tuesday , June 22 2021
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Black community in Memphis fights back against oil pipeline | ABC News

Fears of water pollution and environmental racism threatens construction of the Byhalia Connection.

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  1. Whenever a white person says "it's not about race," you can bet your pink ass that it's all about race.

  2. Toitu te marae a Tane-Mahuta, Toitu te marae a Tangaroa, Toitu te tangata.

    If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive.

    "Act according to the seasons and the nature of the land and you will enjoy great success through little effort." – Jia Sixie.

  3. Congratulations to the Biden/Harris team for rejoining the Paris accord. When was America great?

    Start filming Fire Karens and there will be Less Fires.
    Offer Payment initiatives for Dobbing in Arsonists!

    Lu sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can be seen from space. The US gender reveal party fires were seen from space.

    China reduced desertification by 2000sqkm per year and planted 30 million hectares of new forest in the last 5 years.

  4. The US and China can work together on shared challenges like global health security and climate change. J.Biden.

    Biden's Climate change policy stops keystone pipes running across Native Indian land.

    Unless you're Native American, you came from someplace else. B. Obama. When was America great?

    Run the pipes across Mar-a-Lago and Ivanka's new property. Frack off Traitor Trump!

  5. I bet they like smoking out of pipes

  6. Meanwhile Memphians open up auto-body shops in residential neighborhoods dumping all sorts of vehicle chemicals into their aquifer.

    GTFO with this faux outrage BS.


  8. I'm sure they get oil already where it's going so why don't they use the methods we already have and maintain them. no need to destroy this earth further. as an indigenous person in oklahoma I know this fight well. I'm ready to help your cause!

  9. Black people have become pawn of the democratic party. Very soon, pipeline will be referred to as racism yet they drive cars etc.

  10. Thank you for covering this!

  11. Do They Know & Will Be Happy That Gas prices is going up AND United States Will No Longer be SELF EFFICIENT,
    Businesses will shut down in areas With Job Losses. Will DEPEND AGAIN on OIL Importing from China,Venezuela, & other foreign countries. Did They Know ??? 🧐

  12. BIG OIL acting as if they care what the community says.

    They already plan on doing it no matter what…

  13. Pelosi n gang (China's CCP) are Desperate to Stop the Forensic Audit of Election Fraud in Maricopa County AZ. Watch! 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  14. The only do this to us!!!! I bet that neighborhood was redlined back in the day too. REPARATIONS or bust! Give us our $20 Trillion #ADOS

  15. You don’t want this start riding bicycles and start walking to the grocery store this is how you should protest by initiating you to walk or bike to places. SMH 🤦‍♀️

  16. This is WRONG! It can end up causing yet ANOTHER disaster! 🤬🛑🐃💩


  18. The fucking laziest people talking about no pipeline and they’re the ones they use these resources the most without having to lift a finger. what a fucking shame.

  19. "environmental racism" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Its a pipeline, its supposed to go generally in a straightline. Companies want to be efficient when laying down pipes, has nothing to do with racism… If you want to pay for more gas by all means, just pay for my gas as well.

  20. If it's not going to be a problem with the water system it shouldn't be an issue at all there are gas lines running to every house in the city this is just another one. But leave it to our Congressman to make it a racial issue for him to jump up and be the hero piece of work.. I'm sure that young man means well but he's probably trying to become a politician himself, if wrong I'll apologize, but I have a feeling. and think of the jobs that would creat. make that part of your complaint, you want local labor

  21. Ask yourself, Why do they always put pipelines through poor or nonwhite neighborhoods? They never put them in white or upper middle class neighborhoods. They do this because poor people don’t have the resources to fight back. This is wrong because the wealthy, upper class, use most of these resources, in their larger homes and in their larger vehicles and businesses. They need to be responsible.

  22. What pipeline are you talking about when Joe Biden shut it down is this a propaganda video

  23. They have permits? Well then you guys lost already, unless you have millions of dollars to compete in the bribery ("lobbying") war.

  24. America needs to ban automobile manufacturers from manufacturing new vehicles every year.
    Reduce to every 5-10 years!
    The BIG 3 AUTO MANUFACTURERS need to invest in BLACK AMERICA & BROWN AMERICA by building brand new homes for us.


  25. Akmeds pork taco's and pig's feet are the Bomb

  26. That’s great
    Stop using all oil and gas…

  27. How do they explain putting a pipeline over the cities aquifer

  28. But progress comes with a cost. That is unacceptable. Instead of saying no to Pipeline, why dont they come up with a better plan?

  29. Sorry but the rich must get richer.

  30. Keep doing this and 7 Dollars a gallon for sure¡¡ 😗

  31. Who else celebrated Chauvin's imprisonment?! 😂

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