Black Delivery Driver Allegedly Chased, Shot At By White Father And Son

D’Monterrio Gibson alleges father and son duo Gregory and Brandon Case chased and shot at him while he was working. The pair were arrested and charged in the incident. NBC News’ Priscilla Thompson has the latest.

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  1. Why isn't the charge attempted murder?

  2. “Extreme indifference for life” ….. I tell you they will make up some charges in order to stay obedient to massa.

  3. Unfortunately, these are just accusations being propagated by a black racist attorney. There's no tangible evidence to help solidify these allegations. In fact, the testimony that was disseminated by the driver's defense team is predicated on prejudicial statements rather than probative ones.

  4. hey Black! delivery driver You thugs are always robbing delivery people and i always see news about you people on asian's but its always about race

  5. wowwww, SMH it was definitely racially motivated and the charges should be attempted murder!

  6. They say not to live in fear, but I fear walking into other people’s neighborhood because of sh!t like this.

  7. Gotta love how they have to include color into everything

  8. Attempted murder.

  9. Shut up we're here sitting here in this s*** Americans are getting sick of this race card grow up blacks

  10. They know there genetics are on the clock 😏

  11. So a suspicious person deserves to be shot at or killed . The shut people think they can do. It don’t take a week to figure out they was wrong to shoot at him . They should have been arrested right away .

  12. Tonight, a Mississippi…….
    That was all I needed to hear.

  13. Didn't this just happen in Georgia? Tf

  14. Maybe you'll should leave the white land move to Africa

  15. Its always the pickup truck. im just surprised it wasnt a red one. and those white boys look like racist/klan members.

  16. shameful Demon 😈 crats,, always promoting hate

  17. So what’s black on black crime called ?

  18. The black chief is either scared or stupid or both and/or controlled by the white establishment in that county ….this was no different than the Aubery case except the young black man managed to get away…….this is attempted murder and is racial in its essence ………when will this kind of behavior be addressed to a point that these kind of people will think twice before chasing down and shooting at a black person for no other reason than the fact that he is BLACK.

  19. 🤔 So if they would of killed this young man. Trump would of came out to say " They are such nice people "

  20. Is Mississippi still like that these days?

  21. The son will make a fine prison wife, he has a pretty mouth!

  22. This should be a federal case a 110 percent

  23. 🤦🏾‍♂️ if they was black they would of been under the jail or shot on sight .

  24. how can we ever expect young men to change and hold down professional jobs when they are never even given a proper chance at life? despite skin color or how he dressed he was trying to make money the honest way to be almost killed as if he was doing a crime. charge the other 2 and remove THEM from our society please.

  25. It will never 🔴

  26. Don’t worry they may have thought they one but YHWH get the last day. They betta repent NOW & turn from their wicked ways or their not gonna make it in.

  27. White supremcey know this going on against blacks, India, minorities.
    Remembered the black fedx young man was shot at just recently. That pertaining to my comments below.

    This pertain to this video.

    What she or her boyfriend monitor and track Down and shot? This has set a lot people up. And deliver drivers door dash, lift, uber, packe drivers fedx ect. People who do these jobs are also being set up government. Those or these tackeds are considered.
    Extermination they call blacks, minority mostly black, Indians ecr. Roaches and or rats. The money they make is considered as cheese and the person doing them are considered as rat's and roaches. And the cellphone and electronic devices have people locations on their micro phones and cameras and pictures and also body sensor apps. People need to wake up and see what these people are doing. These are paid professional hit men. Army, polices, professional shooters, reserve guards ect. Whomever they can paid to do the job.

  28. Let's hear their side now

  29. If that was me the police wouldn't catch them before me..

  30. Am I the only one who thought this was a female at first ?

  31. All our jobs as minorities comes with no authority to say something we have no rights all major city Bus operators are minorities with no RIGHTS JUST DRIVE

  32. Let be the 1st to say this coming 2022 summer will be worst than Covid in all black neighbourhoods in AMERICA 🇺🇸 GUN VIOLENCE WE MUST TREAT OURSELVES BETTER NOW.

  33. Asian girl stabbed 40 times by none white guy ….let's get real

  34. Asian girl stabbed 40 times by not white guy .

  35. My mom retired from FedEx and the company allowed her paid time off when she needed it as long as she needed it. I think if he's a contractor working as his own business then that might be the reason it was unpaid. And whether he had short term disability. In either case my opinion is businesses should flex their policies and put people first. This one shouldn't have had to get backlash in order to do the right thing.

  36. Boy black people can't do nothing without looking suspicious. They can't live in a nice neighborhood, can't drive nice cars, can't walk through a store, can't walk around the gas station, can't run through a neighborhood, can't even go to work. I mean can't do nothing without looking suspicious to white people. It's ridiculous!

  37. When the system f*** so as the behaviour of the public. The system must be transparent to help the public safe and secure.