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  1. Great tips and video! I've slowed down on buying clothes but I'm moving and I won't be able to take much with me.

    Nice mention of clearing history/cache/cookies. This holds true for all sales and purchases, tbh. If you're also browsing mindlessly it's good to begin on incognito as well.

  2. As a web developer, I thought your cache tip was awesome! And the fact that you said 'I don't actually know what a cache is' was so adorable haha 🙂 She's right though ladies, clear your cache!

  3. Best post ever on black Friday shopping! Massively insightful and full of great information!

  4. I like the switch from buy buy buy excess….and take the time to look at what you have…look at fabric content and buy local…ethical…sustainable

  5. Great and informative video!

  6. I literally cannot express my excitement in words hahaha

  7. Hi, great videos! Please pick out outfits for USA viewers! Dress a bit different from UK, love UK looks too.💖

  8. Josie, you've done it again! Another fantastic video full of relevant content! Black Friday is one of the busiest days to shop and your tips and hard work will make this day so much easier!! I'm seriously looking to buy my first Reiss coat – hoping to get it on sale in a nice neutral color!! Thanks for helping 😁🤗❤️👗👠👜

  9. Omg thank you for being so organised!! I am really happy now 🤗 Thank you!!

  10. Thanks for all the effort you put in your videos – keep the good work up hon 🌻❤

  11. Wow 10:00AM shops in Puerto Rico open at 12:00 AM, the same as USA! Its mad!!!

  12. I can't sign up to the newsletter, I've tried both of my email addresses and it says they are both invalid 😔 anyone else having this problem? Xxx

  13. Brilliant Josie .. I always get great ideas from your channel ..
    Sending love from Ireland ❤️

  14. I am looking forward to black Friday there are I few pieces that caught my eye and I need in my wardrobe… Josie your sweater is gorgeous

  15. Waitttt…. they have Black Fri in England? You don't even celebrate Thanksgiving

  16. What did I do with my life before finding your channel?! Thanks for the inspo xo

  17. Lovely video. Thanks for sharing your tips x

  18. Don't forget about Cyber Mondays!

  19. You're amazing! Love your tips! ♥

  20. This is so useful, not like other cliche videos on youtube

  21. Please upload your thanksgiving & Christmas vlogs soon Josie ☺️

  22. I hope u have a fantastic thanksgiving on 23 November 2018 Josie ☺️

  23. Josie, I love your fashion vlogs, the Black Friday sale is on 22 November 2018 ☺️

  24. I've just bought this on ASOS and it reminded me of you so much!!!
    Gorgeous video as always x

  25. Hi Josie, I liked your tips for shopping online. Clear the history and cookies!

  26. I have always hated Black Friday. As someone with a mom who works retail, I have never had a chance to have a traditional Thanksgiving because mom always had to go to work. I realize it works differently outside the US, but the shopping all night and all day in the US is selfish.

  27. Hi honey! I sent this vid to Charlie too. Am sending it also to you. Thank you for your channel. Good Luck for your marriage!

  28. Love u u.. love u… Love all your videos, waiting eagerly for the next one. Been reading your blogs too …need to catch up on the older ones… U are soo beautiful, elegant, and graceful…. great fan of you

  29. Another tip is to already have the item in your basket ready for check out and then all you need to do is apply the discount code.

  30. In the USA the above links do not work. 😕
    Not even the join the FM newsletter.

  31. Such a good, well-thought, educational video. Thank you!

  32. I'm from Australia so Black Friday isn't that big. I just don't get it. Americans spend Thanksgiving being thankful for everything they have then less than 24 hours later go out shopping to buy more. It seems ridiculous if you ask me. I love your channel and all your shopping hauls though Josie 💙💙

  33. I want to see the top of your head in your videos, pleaseeee ☺

  34. Hello my pretty,
    great video!
    I loved your sweater or your coat in pink leopard and sequins, I would like to know where I could buy it? Thank you very much, again!

  35. Josie, again a very useful video from you 👏 Your speech and pronunciation is very clear but it would be wonderful if you could slow down just a little bit as I don't want to miss any of your great advice. (I did "reroll" a few times). Your content is almost always spot on and I ALWAYS watch your videos. You are doing a great job 👍

  36. Love your sweater!!! I know you under layer with thermals but is mohair typically itchy?

  37. What the name of the parcel collection company please?

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