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Black Santa hate mail draws backlash

North Little Rock, Arkansas, resident Chris Kennedy discusses how his community rallied around his family after he received a letter attacking his Christmas display that featured a Black Santa.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. if the roles were reversed and a black fictional character was portrayed as white, they'd be accused of "cultural appropriation"

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  3. People have lost their damn minds in the age of Trump. 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. He probably saw Lil Nas X’s Holiday video and thought it would be cool to have a Black Santa, only to receive a letter like this.

  5. I'm Hispanic and go through the same thing every year.
    Sanchez Claus🎄🎅

  6. Black santa is racist…sorta 🤔. This guy is sending a message! Going out of his way to teach his kids a false version of Santa. What for? Creating a we are different feeling when kids don't really see race to start with, he however places the seed. The guy who wrote the letter is an idiot 🤣 though! Who cares if this guy is nuts .. But I feel they are in the same boat both this guy and the guy who wrote the letter.

  7. That's all racist are cowards using the postal service to do your dirty work, Your kids must be so proud.PS SANTA is a not real person dumbass

  8. I believe in everyone that delivers.

  9. Im all for a black Santa however we all know hed be killed by police the first night of xmas deliveries

  10. Let’s be honest, this year at least everything in black Santa’s sack is stolen from the looting and rioting. Black Santa isn’t coming down the chimney – he will kick your back door in.

  11. Santa was white. Jesus was NOT. Sure, it would be nice if it could allow authentic and we could love each other as we really are, but until then, If we can have white Jesus, we can have black Santa. I’m white and I use black Santa all the time and will do so until Jesus is depicted in black.

  12. What about the Brown and Red Man's STOLEN LAND???

  13. The Only Racist Here is the Author of that
    Ignorant Letter from " Hater Claus."
    All Children are Going to Identify with their own race.
    Jesus is the Reason for the Season.
    Not "Santa" who is a Fictional Character.
    Jesus is not White.
    Christmas Grinch! Go and get Your Facts Straight.
    Stop spreading Hate!!!
    Hate is Like Drinking Poison and Expecting it to
    Hurt Another Person.
    Hate will eat you up and Cause the Hater to
    Lose their Soul.
    There is No Hatred in Heaven.

  14. The efforts that whites go to. Think it, but damn… did you really need to write a letter.

  15. Their racist attempt to intimidate backfired. Now the whole neighborhood has Black Santa in their yards!😅😅😅😅

  16. Just what in hell is wrong with people? Sad, sorry, crazy people.

  17. I love this story! Not the hate part but hearing of the neighborhood's support is JUST what I needed this holiday season! MERRY CHRISTMAS Kennedy Family!

  18. If you are trying to find the guy, look for the yard that has a Santa wearing a big pointy white hood.

  19. They should also put out inflatable Black Donald Trumps all over town.

  20. God bless you Chris! Merry Christmas to all, regardless of race or division of any kind. God loves all the children of the world.

  21. It's your house your family. you can put up any color Santa you want. Merry Christmas to you and your family Chris.🎄

  22. North Little Rock. Totally separate city from Little Rock . . . it is a city to the north of Little Rock.

  23. " It's the most wonderful time of year .. "

  24. I thought it was Crank Lucas

  25. Wow people get a Grip 🤔 Just leave people alone its Christmas 🎄

  26. You put whatever Santa you want. It is disgusting how anyone could write something so wrong.

  27. Chris is the type of neighbor I would love to have.

  28. Get Over it Santa Represents Love ❤️ Any Color!!! That’s what My Mom and Dad Taught Me!!

  29. That’s his piece of dirt and it’s nobody’s business what he puts in his yard. This should be offensive to no one.

  30. I met Linsey Davis one time… she smells awful!!! Yikes!

  31. Wait, black people still exist? Crazy bro…

  32. 3:19 | Damn his house is nice! wonder what his job is…

  33. Some white people have no shame, lol.

  34. People have lost their minds. This guy has such a great heart and should be left to enjoy the holidays with his family.

  35. I love that the argument is that Santa isn’t black instead of isn’t real. For a fictional character being black is more ridiculous than flying reindeer? Come on people get it together . It’s about the joy Santa makes you feel. About the spirit. Santa is everyone. Every race. Now ur on black Santa’s naughty list I hope your happy!

  36. I wonder what kinda people hates a black santa?….probably not hard to figure

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