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Black teens reflect on growing up in Tamir Rice's America | USA TODAY

Black teens reflect on what it’s like to grow up in Tamir Rice’s America.
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Tamir Rice would have celebrated his 18th birthday this week. The USA TODAY Network spoke with 31 Black teenagers about growing up in Tamir’s America.

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  1. Tamir Rice was wielding a gun at random strangers in the street….

  2. Sad video about black people

  3. Love ur story, hang on in there better days ahead just for u. God bless

  4. How to thrive in (Any) Society!!!
    Don't run from the Police!
    Don't break the law!
    Don't attack the police!
    Don't try to make a policeman's weapon!

  5. Jesus loves EWTN: On a mission to report the truth. God bless the good press.

  6. Nobody was prepared … Covid-19 will hit the USA so hard … better prepare now :

  7. Thank u for sharing this vedio very interesting god bless

  8. If the media didn't only report on police brutality everyone would think differently about the police.

    This is 1000% political. The same party (Democrats) that wanted to keep segregation in the 60s is now supposedly here to help the black community even though the majority of ghettos reside in democratic states and cities. And then you see the folks in government in these places and they are also black. What does that tell you?

  9. It's more of a justice issue for all. I don't see what you see as it seems all races are targeted in the U.S and no matter the age there is no set preferences on trigger happy America. That being said…I also don't see a difference between it's citizens or authority killing each-other for no reason. I find U.S. itself is a problem and the people that live in it need to have guidance about guns and it's consequences! Face the facts and the root cause of the issue and don't be to fast to point the finger. You live in a country where one's life is worthless no matter if your black, white, yellow, brown. You want a better life for yourself then move out of this terrible country! The U.S is the worst by far in deaths by any means. What do you expect living here.. Because your black you think your targeted? That is stupidest thing you can ever think! Look around you, look at the stats… America now lives on death quotas. You are all not safe living there. So stop your BS and look at your red and blue flag! YOU keep voting to bear arms.. there's the truth and if you can't vote properly then deal with the consequences of your actions AMERICA! When you say YES to bear arms.. YOU ARE ALL ACCOUNTABLE FOR ONE'S DEATH! If none of you see the truth in that. Then god bless America! You are branded American and deal with it! Just once I would love to see somebody with a sign that says.. I VOTED YES TO BEAR ARMS. I AM NOW ACCOUNTABLE FOR 36,383 DEATHS IN THE U>S for 2019!

  10. A few of issues I had with the video are these: 1. Blaming "America" for what happened to a friend or loved one. It's too general. Not all people in the U.S. are racists. It's silly and wrong to think that. It's simply NOT true. I am NOT a racist. 2. Blacks are afraid when they get pulled over? Fear should be based on facts or it's illogical. Comply with what cops say. Get the hell through your encounter with them. If you feel they have done something wrong, take them to court. LIVE through getting stopped on the streets or when you get pulled over, please. 3. I see NO people in the video where they take responsibility for their actions. How can that be. People of all colors are wrong, at times, when they deal with the police. I've been there! We can NEVER get past this unless we are all willing to accept some of the blame, at least to varying degrees. Let's get real!

  11. If you teach kids to be afraid they will be, duh. Is it rational fear? No. Not from this threat. RIP Kelly Thomas

  12. yeah , Dont shoot anymore , Because We all have future !!!

  13. This is really recent KNOWLEDGE that things are not as they appear.

    Historically – Lincoln and the Country believed that Security came from a Homestead. It wasn't a business, but that our Manifest Destiny was OWNING a FARM to have all the tools to raise a family.

    That change into Capitalism which replaced HOMESTEADING…..

    so While the Railroads were designing how to make MILLIONS of People move with FREE HOMESTEADS…. Blacks were not allowed to join in that Opportunity.

    Plus the Promise of Lincoln died with Lincoln so there was NO FRESH START and that lead to BLACKS staying in town and States where they had been slaves.

    This is happened over and over again

    …. WWII White Vets Got House Loans

    ….. but very few did if they were Black

    In fact there were only 2 Black Veterans in World War II that got a House Loan in Alabama EVER. (and you know there were lots of white cats that did of course.)

    We're not PAYING THEM BACK

    … We're ALLOWING our PROMISES to be Kept…. and that is why I call this a SOUL SAVING ACT on the Part of every American in the Nation.

    The CHALICE of JESUS TRUMP is in the family history where a deeply hateful people run from conscription into a European War runs to the New World and hides killing embezzling pimping to go back to Europe where he was Hated for being a COWARD. Then comes back to the U.S. and spends teaching his kids to MAKE the THE U.S. into a GERMAN State for White Bastards like them.

  14. Like CHRIS HEDGES said that our RIGHT WING CAPITALIST Mentality is only operational when we are at WAR & that we BRING HOME THE WAR of atrocities to ourselves for the CRIMES we COMMIT WORLD WIDE! BLACK LIVES MATTER

    Reparations are Fair if we want to HEAL OUR SOULS

    . Times are Tough — >> You need a Drink

    A DRINKING SONG Till the End of the Day – Marvin Gershowitz (c)2009

  15. I am so nervous if one of my family or friends go outside, I keep calling them every single minute. So the world we in now especially here in USA, we black people we're in risk. Our kids are even nervous, we can't go outside coz we gonna get shot. I told my siblings about Tamir Rice how he was killed coz of playing with water gun, they threw all the toys in the trash 💔😭😭 it's sad thing. Justice for those who lost their lives. RIP GUYS😭😭💔💔💔

  16. So why did he get shot and killed? I hope he lived a great live rip

  17. Why u gotta say black teen 🤦‍♂️ like we clearly see the damn color 🤦‍♂️

  18. 한국 많이 사랑해주세요❤❤

  19. So why not ask white kids oh wait you don't care about what they think

  20. A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with a lovely, young black man in a restaurant. I brought up the topic of profiling. He said that he's happy to now be here in Northeast Tennessee because he was frequently harassed in Memphis for just walking down the street.

  21. This 'racism' stuff really sells.

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