Monday , January 18 2021
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Blackburn: Government agencies have been weaponized for political purposes

Senator Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, discusses the work U.S. Attorney General William Barr is doing, the feelings the American people have for the justice system and the politicization of government agencies and the Senate’s agenda. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Barr has a full plate? You mean he’s too busy to provide justice? Really?

  2. So if anyone remembers the scene in " Clear & Present Danger " where the guy who is up against Harison Ford character he asks if he has a get out of jail card so he won't be held accountable? I guarantee those really exist & the lack of justice we are all seeing is do to that!

  3. maria, do you think that we can hear everything that is said if both of you are talking at the same time? how about shutting your pie hole after you ask a question to let the guest answer it.

  4. The mcabe decision is unconstitutional! We the people have the right, the duty and the responsibility to overthrow those that are attempting to overthrow out legal system.

  5. Marsha hits the nail on the head, Barr is needed, he is the best man for the job, We support W. BARR

  6. It’s all a shame! The state run media corporations are the government’s public relations department! None of these politicians will EVER go to prison! It’s a soap opera and like soap operas, there are never solutions, each episode runs into the next and the story line changes every week.

  7. Dems leaked lies the whole time mullers investigation was going on 😡😡😡we play to fair sometimes!!!

  8. Wray must go. Hypocrite personified. Maam, answer the bloody question! Glib, do nothing, snout in the trough. Disappointing, blah, blah, blah.

  9. Government is self interest and you can’t even use your turn singal

  10. I thought Nancy P said no body was above the law. Seems to me she was hiding behind it while all these others are still standing on top of it. An now they want the doj to be above the President?

  11. I'm tired of listening to the same old talk. What I want is action. If you can't take action, quit talking.

  12. When you enter very viewing somebody like the lady congressman conservative congressman that you were interviewing, stop shuffling your papers and picks up on the mic.

  13. Did "THEY" go after Roger Stone in retaliation over Nixon? But Bush, so many "others" involved in Kennedy, Awarded, Praised!

  14. This senator is so full of "it" that she squishes when she walks, and the pathetic untrustworthy sack of entrails Bill Barr is all hat and no cow. And this host knows it. Barr "has a full plate"? GMAFB. This coup attempt should be the first, second, and third priority on his "plate." He's waddling around in his pull-ups when he should have put on his big-boy pants.

  15. Why so much attention to rummer and innuendo. FAKE NEWS!

  16. The democrats are like a sports team that has no skills, that never practice, but only try and sabotage the other teams.

  17. The wheels of justice turn slowly, ( especially when stuck in the swamp muck ) but my teeth grind exceedingly fine.

  18. The Barr Tab needs paying !

  19. So tired of this corrupt government. The deep state and the buddy buddy system is sickening. They cover each other time and time again. Because they all have dirt on them .

  20. Thanks, Maria, for asking her precisely what's being done. No thinking to it, we KNOW there is a two tiered justice system. Looking forward to justice soon.

  21. come on americans, this is your job, Time Is Now!

  22. come on americans, this is your job, Time Is Now!

  23. come on americans, this is your job, Time Is Now!

  24. come on americans, this is your job, Time Is Now!

  25. Come On Americans, do you have any brains! Time Is Now We Are One United We Will!

  26. Come On Americans, do you have any brains! Time Is Now We Are One United We Will!

  27. Come On Americans, do you have any brains! Time Is Now We Are One United We Will!

  28. Come On Americans, do you have any brains! Time Is Now We Are One United We Will!


  30. Taylor Swift's favorite person.

  31. Thank you, Maria. Keep fighting for accountability.

  32. Yes, they sure have! That is exactly what crying Trump and his swamp creatures are doing.

  33. Marsha Blackburn looks like Elvira's mother.

  34. Well said Blackburn and spot on.

  35. we the real humans are sick of being slaves..and time has come to put down tools and stand and fight
    like real charismatic warriors..divided we fall united we stand..

  36. You have to wonder how corrupt are the republicans when nothing is being done to charge the dems for their crimes. Senator Graham should of done something by now. There is something wrong.

  37. She is a liar.
    It’s factually false.
    “Yes, the People are frustrated, BUTT I want Barr to stay, because he “has a lot on his plate.”
    Ya, but. Ya, but. She’s a “Ya’butt” she feigns agreement on Principle, and then just goes back to her original position/prejudice. This is not a conversation. It’s a fake!

  38. Exactly why the government is AFRAID OF THE 2nd Amendment

    People need to realize that president Trump has a hell of a lot of swamp to drain in order to not only bring these traitors to justice but make the charges STICK !
    To many corrupt judges and PROSECUTERS still left over from Obummers treasonous reign ….
    All these have to be removed as well as others or these traitors will walk free !!!

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