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Blinken defends Afghanistan exit amid bipartisan criticism

Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez told the secretary of state, “Doing the right thing in the wrong way can end up being the wrong thing.”

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  1. Who was the person who set off the drone strike? Shouldn't they question that person? I see fingers pointed to Biden and a couple of others but they didnt set off the drone. Also , why didn't Trump start pulling civilians first? He had a much better time frame then Biden did. Trump had control of SIV programs and other programs like that. That Trump chose to slow the process to almost a full stop. How was anyone going to get civilian afganistans out any time soon without the help of those programs? Those programs are flawed.

  2. Biden and Blinken should step down!

  3. Shameful Biden Administration and media supporters of the mob of the evil night
    Try News max Balanced News

  4. Just to be clear. It's all a show. A box of kitty cats meowing for temporary attention.

  5. The Taliban will never “cooperate”. They are beating & imprisoning media. Seems like the media would give af about that a lil’ bit.

  6. President Biden is A Humanitarian Always Doing God's Work 🙏

  7. Donald Trump couldn’t do it in four years. President Biden did it in how long?

  8. Note to future leaders: Never make a hard decision. Always kick the can down the road to the next guy.

  9. Since you can't control other countries try the controller the climate. Are you starting to feel like you're not in control? I know the one that's in control. Everybody wants control

  10. A teenager could have put together a better withdrawal

  11. Unbelievable, the Biden Administration is sending Billions of dollars now to the Taliban. What the what.

  12. Issues regarding sex as a life form of in natural , to today society base on bullying!

  13. The media wants us back at war.

  14. good to know that he supports the arming of a terrorist country with billions in military hardware.

  15. Trump Taliban
    Stop the Squeal

  16. Who is responsible for forming Taliban group in Afghanistan ?

  17. "Facing Re-Election", "LOL". "One-term limits and 24 hour body-cams" is what they need…….. "What, Trump wanted the troops out by Jan. 15"…….

  18. A couple weeks ago Joe Biden said you don't need an AR-15 to protect yourself from the government because they have nuclear bombs. In 2 weeks later the Taliban beats the US with just some guns.

  19. The Taliban is Al-Qaeda funded by Pakistan.. Afghanistan turned over to the Taliban by the USA.
    Nice job leaders

  20. Blinken needs to explain the preparation efforts for 6 months under his leadership and Pompeo needs to explain for 11 months under his leadership. All SIV paperwork should have been completed prior to May 2021. We also need to understand why Americans did not begin evacuating as instructed in April.

  21. Would be in the best interest of the United States to get rid of Joe Biden and Anthony Blinken.

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