Blinken: 'We’re Trying To Do Whatever We Can' To Support Iranian Protests

Secretary of State Antony Blinken responds to the protests in China and Iran. “We support what Iranians are asking for, demanding in the streets, which is … not to have this terrible repression that we’re seeing,” he told Andrea Mitchell.

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  1. The Americans are the instigators of all wars on earth, may you be damned by all the peoples of the world

  2. It's time to join 2022 Iran. My heart goes out to the Iranian people..

  3. No. You are doing nothing. because Islamic Republic of Murderers is exactly that sort of goverment which fits perfectly in your plan for middle east.

  4. of coarse you are, but whoever said you were allowed to broadcast anything.

  5. USA: We're doing everything we can to enter Iran and steal their resources" USA and isreal no better then the iran goverment

  6. USA help the people against these EVIL Regimes

  7. Do more they have no guns to protect them from the Torturing Murdering Regime

  8. but the Whitehouse was doing everything it could to oppress protests in Canada by truckers

  9. Sounds like they have the CIA doing whatever they can for "democracy"

    We saw what the USA did to Afghanistan and Iraq. Great democracy

  10. Blinken was hand-picked by XI. After all, he's a former and current employee of the CCP

  11. Imagine if iran would have said the same things about George Floyd unrest !!! Such a bigotry ! Mind your own business! You are not interested in peace or security of any people! You are a colonial power that only interested in one thing ! To exploit, to plunder others resources, to dominate and slave others! Your history is quite clear ! You are the most dangerous entity to humanity! Specially to your own citizens! American should rise up and do something about their corrupted government if they are interested in world peace ! Otherwise, I assure you American government would cause wwIll !

  12. They are already doing everything they can with their infiltrated assets

  13. This means the regime is going to collapse

  14. I can’t believe this criminal weapons manufacturer is the Secretary of State.

  15. Iranian government should manage protests in America against racism, then only it will maintain the balance.

  16. more proof that the Junited Snakes is nothing but an arms dealer masquerading as a country

  17. Only the Defenders of the Faith can save the World

  18. Funding to create chaos is the best support that USA could provide. USA was successful in Sri lanka

  19. You can do feck all more. Iran will be fine.

  20. But what do Wynken and Nod think?

  21. Stay out of other countries business

  22. American interference again. Mind you're own business.
    Take care of America first never mind other Nations

  23. You're not doing enough..

  24. if Iran pays millions of dollars to minorities to protest police brutality in USA, I bet the USA would call all the protesters saboteurs, and maul them down with machine guns.

  25. Ah yeah, so why did you destroy the legitimate democratic government of Dr Mosadegh in 1953. Why not talking about Saudis as well chopping up journalists. Such a lying hypocrite. No wonder we are declining more every day in the west and Asia is rising further and further

  26. Unknown location? Its called the police station. Trying to spread fake news?

  27. No mention of the western agents arrested for inciting riots?

  28. YoU better Support France Protesters

  29. Help the Iranian people but not the Chinese people. What a lopsided world we live in. Perverts I guess pick their friends carelessly.