Friday , November 27 2020
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'Blitzchung' suspended by Activision Blizzard over Hong Kong support

Hearthstone player Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai was suspended for one year by Activision Blizzard over his ‘liberate Hong Kong’ comment. Activision also rescinded $10,000 of Chung’s tournament winnings. FOX Business’ Susan Li discusses how China continues to censor global speech.

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  1. ever since activision bought blizzard they havent been the same… they are to money hungery

  2. Blitzchung: Liberate Hong Kong
    Blizzard: OK. Don't come back before Hong Kong liberated. Collect your pink slip on the way out.
    Blitzchung: What the fxck

  3. Blizzard also fired the two hosts…

  4. Blizzard did the right thing, no political stuff in the game world. Go to HK and see for yourself, don’t believe all the media, they turn thing upside down.

  5. fk bliz they are worthless they have killed there games and now they choose to say fk Americans, china matters not the USA!

  6. As a Hong Konger, I can tell you that we have less and less human rights. We are living in fears now.

  7. BlitzChung no more, now he is known as JoblessChung

  8. ….. Wtf blizzard.

  9. About time we put that dragon back to sleep.

  10. the captions doesnt look normal dont ya think fox?

  11. All this whining reminds me of when everyone was hating the NFL, burning jerseys and tickets and such. Couple months later, everyone had moved on, and was watching the super bowl, lol. Blizzard will come out with a new game and atleast half of you will be right back to it.

  12. Sports and e-game It's a place where People get away from politics. Everywhere is politics,No where to go. hajah

  13. He hijacked their official stream to put them in jeopardy, he deserves what he got. Go after Chinese companies if you want to harm china.

  14. Time for Congress to question Activision.

  15. Free Hong Kong
    Free Macau
    Free Uyghur
    Free Tibet

  16. I stopped buying anything blizzard after they released diabolo 3, tbh I was never into anything they created except for Starcraft and the old diabolo series.. there is no cow level..

    Anyways.. sucks to be him but at the same time to announce that when you have a name in lights I mean it's totally obvious it was going to happen, most of these games play a massive role in china's market. Plus you've got sponsors that now take a hit for believing in you and so I guess that makes their stock plummet also.

    It's not just this one guy either, I've heard a lot of you tubers are doing so as well and if you think YouTube won't do anything you can think again.

    YouTube, twitch, Facebook, Twitter… any social media activity tied to something or someone that can make changes by bringing an audience via free speech gets Into trouble, people talk of change and they get removed.. that's the real world.

  17. Already deleted my data from those companies on my consoles

  18. Only 2 minutes of air time? What kinda BS…

  19. I'm going to buy every blizzard and Activision game I can find!

  20. Activision confirmed communist! 👎

  21. I cant believe it. Finally an issue that can (hopefully) bring the left and right together rather then separate them even further.

  22. Don't hate China isn't pro-China,pro-China don't means unti-America .
    After all ,America , stay with your own stuff

  23. When you realize who own all the technology.😂😂😂😂

  24. This needs to get more attention. Funny how the liberal media doesn’t seem to be doing a lot of coverage on this.

  25. I think Americans are finally beginning to realize how much influence China has on most of their companies 🤣🤣. Thats crony Capitalism for you, on sale to the highest bidder.

  26. Even if they lost the entire west market they'd still be profitable with them Chinese lemons. They could care less about your boycotts lol. It's just the world we live in.

  27. Oh look, US devil is claiming the moral high ground again. "wee soppurt HungKung freedumb"
    Why didn't you go help Palestine fight for it survival. Oh wait, Didn't you guys just abandon your own allies in the Syrian dessert.
    Hypocrite Ameriscum !

  28. I'm glad I watched this, I will now boycott ActivisionBlizzard..

  29. This is insane. American companies bending to China.

  30. wtf is wrong with BLIZZARD man????????

  31. 5% really, and they have a say? Are you kidding?

  32. A CIA veteran I knew told me “ learn mandarin and then try to read the United States constitution- most of those words, they don’t even exist”

  33. Goodbye Activision… you suck…

  34. You know I find it funny so many people get pissed due to tariffs President Trump put on China but yet some one gets suspended for breaking rules that are clearly put out there and saying China needs to be stopped and any company that is associated with China needs to be stopped. Dont get me wrong I think China needs to be knocked down it is dangerous for the world if China continues. As for Blizchong he did break the rules that blizzard put out. Is it shitty yes but it is there rule.

  35. TenCent is such a garbage company. COD mobile is made by them and its just a low tier, poorly made cash grab.

  36. When are the people involved in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring going to get arrested?

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