Saturday , August 15 2020
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Bloomberg is a master of manipulating the media: Bibb

Mediatech Capital Partners managing partner Porter Bibb discusses Bloomberg News being barred from covering Trump campaign events, what Michael Bloomberg might do with his media company if he wins the nomination as well as the streaming wars and regulation of the internet.

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  1. REASONS TO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT:  socialism, high taxes, open borders, anti-police, anti-ICE, anti-military, anti-semitism, anti-Constitution, fake news, mobs, do-nothing mentality, plans that will never work, AOC, Schiff, Scummer, Pelusi, Nadler …

  2. Bloomberg owns the mainstream media and he is leading them in the coup…to overthrow DJTrump the snake rares his head out of the swamp…lock & load

  3. Bloomberg is a joke and Cavuto is a traitor to our country, a Trump hater, a propaganda spinner and a discredit to FOX in general.

  4. Campaigners very serious about foundational values laid by President Donald J Trump.

  5. my breath smells like the contents from netanyajew's balls

  6. Rothschild owns all…Disney, Hollywood, CNN, MSNBC, CBC, NYTimes, Wash Post, , Democratic Governments…all Governments apart from a few…so he controls the narrative…and if Disney now owns Fox, then it is only a matter of time. I see signs of left bias on Fox recently and I was shouting at the TV. There may not be much bias yet but Rothschild is new on this News Channel…so slowly slowly. If you want truth and only truth you'll have to trust individual news anchors or smaller channels that are truth tellers, ie Vincent Vendetta, Josh Bernstein, The Duran, Icke, American Thought Leaders, Glenn Beck…who was a Democrat but is now a Trumper. Many more, so start looking

  7. He knows he can’t win, unless they Rig it, like all the other Dems that win & let’s not forget, they’ve been rigging elections since the 80s. If not prior

  8. The man who declared war on the big gulp!

  9. We don't need a Bloomberg, We need a Trump.

  10. Bloomberg is nothing more than another drama queen for the Deep State bleeding heart liberals.

  11. Do to this old devil what they did to Trump rake up all his dirty dirty and never let up on him. .!! Dish it back 20–fold. !!

  12. I have listened to some of the things Bloomberg has said and apparently being a multi – billionaire doesn't make you smart – – – just lucky .

  13. Master? Then why do I always hit SKIP AD whenever he shows up?

  14. Trump 20/20 20/24 20/28 and family ivanka DTrump jr then Barron👍👱

  15. How is this not considered an in kind contribution?

  16. There is no media to manipulate.

  17. Bloomberg is a one man CHARISMA- FREE zone ! Chance of a snowball in hell no matter what he does !

  18. Bloomberg is an asshat. Every friggin commercial on youtube is his. And I doubt it will swing even a single vote his way.

  19. Can an organization decides for the Americans Public, it looks that way, time for the news organization to be regulated and licenses.


  21. Bloomberg is the Governor in Blazing Saddles …. A bumbling idiot.

  22. Bloomberg bums will try and sneak in

  23. Cavuto is a pure never-trumper weasel.

  24. bloomberg is a punk!!! he can go f..k himself!!

  25. How does Cavuto claim to be pro money / investment / capitalist and be a anti Capitalist / anti American / Socialist, Demoncrat? Talk about manipulating.

  26. so what??? I don't get it!!!! whats the point????

  27. Bloomberg is a joke to be running….he's just an old rich dude…he would be a terrible President….it's really laughable,,,,his commercials are a joke as well….

  28. Bloomerberg is a COMMUNIST GLOBALIST.

  29. This guy is crazy. "Europe" regulated the internet in order to enable the EU bureaucracy to control the flow of information, and so to control the populace.

  30. Left-light on Cavuto! Ya! The US ought to be more like the EU. In Great Britain the police can and have been at the door within hours of on-line users making off-color ethnic jokes. Does that sound like a good idea to Americans? Facts are easy to Google.

  31. How is Netflix not making money? That’s ridiculous.

  32. Left-light on Cavuto! Ya! The US ought to be more like the EU. In Great Britain the police can and have been at the door within hours of on-line users making off-color ethnic jokes. Does that sound like a good idea to Americans? Facts are easy to Google.

  33. I am voting Bloomberg all the way to white house.

  34. BumBerg aint got enough money to be President!

  35. This id iot just called President Trump hit ler. Then said that the FCC should stifle our free speech as they've already done so in Europe.

  36. NO, it's his master, Lucifer!!

  37. Bloomberg has as much a chance of winning as Hilary😂. All the democrat candidates are poppets to the DNC. None have anything to offer, and I’m still wondering why none of them have a Vice President that they are campaigning with. I wonder if the democrats have a person for Vice President already planned and will put in place no matter which candidate wins…..if they win. That could be scary

  38. Bloomberg, Biden, Clinton ….. all of the same style.

  39. Lmao that is so fake . How is this he is a master at buying the liberal media . That’s a way better headline

  40. Stop and frisk. China Bloomberg


  42. Cavuto is kinda lame too tho

  43. Do not be fooled Bloomberg is a Democrat socialist Dreamer he's failed his City several times filled his pockets with Millions long the way just like every career corrupt politician in the Democratic Party all hell is fixing to break loose IG report shows the corruption with Obama and his administration Bloomberg wants your guns wants your God Eddie wants to socialize America we don't need a billionaire we already got one who is a true American Patriot Bloomberg ads on television are just as ignorant as he is how can you fix the best economy the USA has ever had the lowest unemployment rate the lowest number of people on welfare this guy is just a billionaire joke the only thing Bloomberg is a master at is baiting

  44. The Art of the Deal vs. The Real Deal… Trump's campaign has a right to be nervous…

  45. Trump is an abomination.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  46. Thank God President Trump is not media lol..good luck little Mike..

  47. Is the "squad" going to embrace Bloomberg?

  48. I was impressed with Bloomberg when he looked like a resident broadcasting from a nursing home…

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