Saturday , March 28 2020
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Bloomberg is buying off DNC: Ronna McDaniel

RNC chairperson Ronna McDaniel says former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking advantage of the system by throwing massive amounts of money to fund his own campaign. #FoxNews

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  1. He's apparently buying youtube as well. I'm kinda sick of his lying commercials.

  2. The dumbocrats have always been for sale but who would buy them? Answer billionaire banker who has everything and wants to push his political fantasies not the least of which is that the Chinese Communist Party is our friend Well he can afford it

  3. Bloomberg apparently needs to buy himself a box to stand on, or he will look like the tiny small minded man he is on stage.

  4. Bloomberg === let me show you how to turn a billionaire into a millionaire,, it's easy just watch!

  5. Well they are a bunch of whores… do you really expect anything else from them?

  6. Take the money and run, laughing all the way……..

  7. Mike Bloomberg reminds me of two things number one he's like the early 20th century cartoon depicting of a huge Standard Oil Company octopus grabbing up everything that he can number two he reminds me of that character in the movie played by Orson Welles Citizen Kane.

  8. Little Mike throwing his money to the wind. The Americans are getting fed up with all the hate being hurled at their president by a power hungry regime.

  9. As a progressive let me tell you. We knew he would and is, and we know establishment democrats are corrupt, and apparently easily swayed by money.

  10. Good. He can’t run his own campaign, much less a city or the DNC. Run that crazy train in the ground minimike.

  11. Bloomberg was an idiot Mayer too .

  12. Throwing $$$ down the Shiffter….. could you imagine how many twinkies that would buy?
    With plenty of milk.

  13. What a waste of money . He’s going to loose . Hope he can’t write it all off on taxes either.

  14. He’s just jealous of Trump.Only reason why he would ever consider running.Oh, and to make sure no one “supersizes you.”

  15. It's easy to spend the money when it's stolen

  16. Bloomberg. . . proof positive that money does not equal intelligence!

  17. Bloomberg is wasting his money, but then again it’s all a right off.

  18. They were whitewashed tombs tonight. White on the outside, but hateful on the inside.

  19. Yup and he did the same in VA

  20. He has the power to buy anyone from anywhere from anyone.

  21. Lou, Stop interrupting!! You interrupted the very thing I wanted to learn!!! So frustrating!!

  22. Could of sworn I heard a commercial of his coming through my oscillating fan earlier… Someone should look into that, make sure he’s not a Bot.

  23. Not all Democrats are with Billionaires. Get it right. Both parties are crooked. Period.

  24. They have superdelegates. Of course they change the rules.

  25. Talk about a bunch of sore looser . Well I sure hope you liberals realize if you follow these people you will loose all hope for a future .

  26. Paused the video on minute 0:01, keep barking Dogs!!!!

  27. Bloomberg has ZERO to offer this country. He only want to take from the CITIZENS! Along with BERNIE!

  28. If they follow the money, they will soon see the DNC out of debt.

  29. And buying the states to take guns!

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