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Blue Origin preparing to send another crew into space Wednesday

William Shatner will be one of four crew members on board the New Shepard rocket launched by Jeff Bezos’ space company, Blue Origin.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. LOL. People can go into space But the BILLIONAIRES cant pay their TAXES

  2. Well, maybe once people start seeing the earth for what it is (light and life) – compared with the blackest darkness of space… will begin appreciating what we have here, rather than calling it a non-green, fading and dying planet – which isn't even close to true when compared to not here.

    The earth is the center of the universe, but for life and not mass – as Aristotle wrongfully supposed… with an anticipated 8.7 million species living almost effortlessly here.

  3. LoL! Blue Origin. Wow! Cheap publicity stunt. Lame!

  4. This is a good show to be honest. But I would have a guilty conscience. To climb into this rocket for a lot of money just for fun while many people are starving and dying of thirst …
    Am I getting this wrong?

  5. Contamination and heat unnecessary in the atmosphere

  6. Low Earth Orbit is not Space! just more fake news for the brainless 😂 lets go Brandon!

  7. I really like William Shartner as Captain Kirk and still watch this programme.

  8. Have fun William Shatner 💯👍you guy's better bring him back down safe 🚀

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  10. Words can’t explain how happy I am. Thank you very much ☝️ i just received $10,000 though a bank hack transfer

  11. Doesn't look like much wind

  12. I wish I was you Mr. Bill Shatner, fly high for all us who are grounded!

  13. If something happens to william there wiil be hail to pay. Like we not burning enough good air fast enough so, for entertainment the rich burn up air for sport..

  14. send all pinks to outer space. they're not earthlings anyway.

  15. Why does he get to go up there? He’s already spent enough time in space on the Starship Enterprise.

  16. Kirk just wants to see if there is Klingons on the starboard bow! 😆 🤣 😂

  17. Space is a mystery to me…and I don't like mysteries……they give me a bellyache….and I've got a beauty right now.

  18. Before we talk any more about colonizing Mars, have scientists on the air to remind the lay-public of the hurdles, which include high radiation fields due to the ultra-thin atmosphere and the absence of an ozone. Our own planet is the only place in the universe humans are adapted to and that means it comes first and foremost in saving its ecosystems. Corporations still place mega-profits over public safety, and that's gotta stop. We have nowhere else to live. Colonizing Mars is a long, long, long way off.

  19. A great step, but the rich still need to pay their fair share in taxes – which they ain't done for 30 years +. With that said, float well, Captain Kirk. You're making history.

  20. Captain, bring me back a little star💫✨🌟🖐️💕

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  22. If the countdown doesn't end in the phrase "ENGAGE" I will consider it a fail.

  23. Until they can beat Spaceship One or even Alan Shepards first flight they are nowhere near space.

  24. Let's all go to space for a quick look around.
    We don't need breathable air.
    It doesn't matter if the Earth gets so hot that our grandkids don't survive.
    Let's all go to space and have a quick look around.

  25. Don’t be nervous. Your Captain Kirk . I will be watching. Live on the edge. Enjoy the beautiful moment. Get ready for lift off

  26. We will miss you captain Kirk at lease he will pass in space .god speed.

  27. Let’s see how frivolous this all becomes when one of these waste of money spaceships blows up on launch killing all onboard.

  28. I hope Patrick is watching and crying like a little British baby.


  30. It's finally happened. Michael Myers in space.

  31. With that out of the way I can do this
    Let's go Brandon Let's go 🖕

  32. Hope you enjoy the ride Mr Shatner you have earned it 👍.

  33. All the news reporters are fake and not showing proper news and doing harms by not showing big news

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