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Boaters get up close to Stromboli volcano eruption | ABC News

Boaters who were sailing off Messina, Sicily, got a close-up look at Stromboli island’s volcano erupting. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2PmnEJU

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  1. Look at all that carbon going into the atmosphere. Maybe beto or #aoc can outlaw volcanoes? Maybe do like a volcano buy back?

  2. What's Italian for "Let's get the f*** out of here!"?

  3. It took me 13 minutes to watch this.
    I had to keep screenshoting…
    I see faces.
    Anyone else????

  4. Italy has 10 active vulcanos. This one, Stromboli, is one of the smallest!

  5. …oh, you are scared sir because you drive the boat too fast f r om there
    yea …fuck, yeah!

  6. Just wait till that gets into the atmosphere.

  7. Cgi
    Don't laugh. It's true. You seen the shark on go pro footage? Fake. Bear chasing girl and man footage? Fake. Tornado selfie? Fake.

  8. That was amazing footage 😲

  9. Completely normal to see…or experience

  10. Incredible! I know how that feels. I ordered a stromboli the other night that was hot like lava. I managed to navigate it though.

  11. Why this scary mysterious background music? This Shit Is Awesome!

  12. Id pay millions to see that wow!

  13. This need Godzilla scream in the background

  14. It's so surreal to look at

  15. That was utterly magnificent

  16. Its Godzilla's fart dont worry captain.

  17. Looks just like the World Trade Center collapsing

  18. GODS so awesome and powerful!

  19. They shoulda waited a little bit longer to make things more interesting.

  20. Why do I sense something is awakening with all of these eruptions … 🤔🤔🤔.

  21. That music goes well with funerals also these people are to damn close

  22. Amazing experience yet soo dangerous

  23. It remind me of Moana scene.

  24. YEAHHH HOW BOUT no! That’s not a fluffy cloud like Jurassic Park made it out to be; rather A pyroclastic flow will melt you to the bone in like seconds.

    These people definitely win The Charles Darwin award of the day.

  25. first Amazon Gone then this came What will Do Humans
    Sorry they are just doing whatever is wrong to do….

  26. Probably caused by global warming.

  27. Let me drive the boat 🚢

  28. The background music was really needed!

  29. The little dingy in the background is like "DONT LEAVE ME😱😭!! AHHHHHH"😂

  30. Its gonna be a cold winter with all these volcanoes erupting.

  31. did it erupt on the side of the mnt

  32. And to think this is a regular volcano imagine yellow stone going off

  33. Wow mass destruction of the world is happening and some think it looks awesome. Get ready for more beautiful and crazy events to happen for he is coming and we all should repent for he is powerful and he loves us all equally. Thanks for loving me more than anything it anyone in this life. God is good

  34. Repent!
    Judgment by fire is coming. The near future will have more hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and asteroid impacts.
    Repent of murdering babies in the womb, or recreational and prescriptive drug use, of worshiping money, the Queen of Heaven (Jeremiah 44), and sex.
    The Messiah is returning soon.

  35. Wow! Very incredible footage!! Scary too!

  36. The earth is making new land due to sea levels rising

  37. Im so Glad My eyes saw it before i died an actual Eruption 🌋

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