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Bodies of teen suspects wanted in Canada murders found dead

They had been accused of killing an American-Australian couple, as well as a college professor; they were found a few miles from a marshland police had been searching.




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  1. Glad they had the courage to end themselves. Now investigate the parents to see how not to raise freaks like these. Check them from top to bottom with a fine tooth comb and question them only with a lie detector hooked up.

  2. Were all guilty Of A crime in the eyes of the Creator.

  3. Motive = METH. This shit just REEKS of some kind of drug fueled psycho fest. That shit happens up in the deep North. It get cold and dark as a MF up there for part of the year, so these dudes spun out or something. The toxicology reports will look interesting.

  4. Too many video games and not having a girlfriend can cause this behaviour

  5. Uh…at 0:49 just two confused young boys who are thinking they are badass criminals (so laughable !)

  6. as the father said of these 2 killers. Kudos for taking the sissy way out, job well done!. Kudos aholes. burn in hell! your children are evil murderers!!

  7. Sorry but I am not jumping on bandwagon, first catch the Derek Whisenand and question him or give us full story why those teens killed themselves. This is not enough for me.

  8. They “suspect” it was suicide by gun 🤣? What tipped ya off, brainiac? The guns in their hands? Wow, Barney Fife, you sure is some brilliant detective. That 5th grade edumacation sure done paid off I guess.

  9. The easy way out, cowards… rest in hell!

  10. Are there pics of the scene? Did they appear to be mauled by animals, poisoned, self inflicted gun wounds, suicide, why so secretive? Was it a horrific scene too graphic to release at this point…strange how law enforcement is usually transparent and detailed when they come across victims and perpetrators….except here it’s a black hole….we’re the bodies found next to each other? Was there a struggle? Nothing….just a report that two bodies were found…hmmm.

  11. These homesexual did not want to world to know. They hid this from their families they hid this from society

  12. What evidence do the RCMP have that scientifically and conclusively proves that they actually committed the murders ?

  13. This story should have had more attention in the states

  14. It appears the trash has taken itself out. 🙂

  15. I kind of hope that instead of suicide it was the mosquitos that bled them dry. EDIT: the arctic has mosquitos so big that they can stand flat-footed and fuck a turkey.

  16. Craziness u could see the one with the beard was leading.

  17. Looks like that weird couple from the movie the perfect getaway.

  18. How did they get guns in Canada ??! Wtf ?

  19. bruh they probably only would have gone to jail for 20 years

  20. I hope you people do a little digging here ,,, the RCMP are not giving us anything,,, it is totally ridiculous

  21. Australian boyfriend btw.

    Son of a Australian police officer.

  22. With so very little being said I wonder if perhaps somebody crossed paths with them and killed them. ? But… It’s more likely that they died from exposure.

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  24. What an embarrassment to the country

  25. Albert Johnston became a Canadian folk hero after his famous run from the Mounties through the back country during the early 1930s. He was eventually shot and killed by the Mounties but took a couple with him before he went down in a big shoot out. Strangely, no one was ever able to determine why he shot at the Mounties in the first place to initiate the famous wild chase across the snow covered landscape in winter which ended in his death.

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