Wednesday , May 12 2021
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Body Camera Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo In Chicago | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Antonia Hylton reports on the newly released body camera footage of the fatal shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago.
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Body Camera Video Shows Fatal Shooting Of 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo In Chicago | NBC News NOW


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  1. Chicago!! Nooo!! Can’t be, that city have the most restricted gun laws….. oh now I remember laws don’t stop nothing.

  2. 13?? Wait 13??? And he is DEAD??. … By the police?? I can't. It makes me want to vomit. Why are these TRAINED militarized professionals so scared??.

  3. Get rid of guns. Problem solved. You're welcome America.

  4. Is the police like this since always or just getting better everyday, as now they are shooting their own racial kind.
    Or it's just started getting recorded and watched and reported.
    Or it's the news channels started covering and telecasting these kinds of news.
    Or there is something completely normal obvious kind of reason triggered this, some kind of inability to do the duty they are hired to do.

  5. "He is not Black, so we don't care that much"

  6. We are outraged but remember it’s easy to make an opinion when the video is slowed down and freeze framed. Let’s see the video at full speed to see what exactly transpired. Seems like everything happened in less than 1 second real time

  7. Kid had a gun and you can see it in the video. I dont get why people are defending the kid and calling for the cops to get in trouble. The world literally supports criminals now for some reason, i dont get it. Sure he was 13, but who cares. He was out at 2am with a gun while people he was with were shooting at other people. Then he runs from police, has a gun in his hand and get shot, you do criminal stuff, you get criminal consequences.

  8. Burn the city down. Especially the rich neighborhood.

  9. No matter what he didn’t have to die that way, he was running away from the police , he stop , put his hands in the air and the officer still shot him , wow

  10. This is too much. We’re all going to have to be activists now or continue to watch our young people mowed down by “legal” killers.

  11. Clearly shows you that this cop was NOT properly trained and continously evaluated of his abilities to handle stressful situations with undo harm. Feel very bad for this child and his family. Defunding police will only promote more bad behavior. Since when can you chase a shoot a person that is running away from you?

  12. 13 year old with a gun – trouble personified.

  13. He was armed and the community and the officers..and his parents failed him bad.

  14. If he was murdered by a gang member, we wouldn't even know his name.

  15. When you look at the gun on the ground it was an open chamber with no bullets because he already shot the gun and ran out of bullets but how was the officer supposed to know that

  16. In loveing Memory Of Adam Toledo!!🤍🕊

  17. WHAT THEY DIDN'T SHOW YOU and I think they should of, Earlier before this incident this 21 year old was walking with this "child" strolling in the middle of the night and shooting 8 bullets Randomly at a civilian in his car as he drove by, just because—- that was the reason why the police were called in the first place, to "serve and protect". The 21 year old "Coward" gave him the gun and told him to run, Seconds before he was killed a few "millimeters of seconds!" he threw the weapon around the fence! Really?! This is a SAD SAD TRADEGY my heart goes out to everyone, but many people should be held accountable the police did their job. People sit here and judge so quickly, This child was a repeat runaway, (Why?) why wasn't he given the help he needed? He obviously looked up to this 21 year for support and in turn this 21 yr olds' ego probably blew up. We could easily hold the parents accountable as well, if a 13 yr old was a "repeat" runaway why didn't they have him stay with another relative? Move him out of the neighborhood? Now all of a sudden family and friends come out into the media to protest the injustice? Where were these family members when the mother needed help with her son. Really? We are becoming more and more complacent in pointing the other finger so quickly and not taking responsibility for our own actions. There are good cops and bad cops out there yes, just like people no matter their age or gender, but before judging a situation be properly informed. Lets see who you're going to call the next time you life is in danger. SMH.

  18. Cops,stay in your car,dont chase people collect a check and retire! No one will back you for doing your job!

  19. That cop is a happy trigger. I don’t care what anybody say. The cop is at fault.. He chose that job,. he has a job to do, do your job right!

  20. US police and logic will not intersect , never …

  21. Y’all blaming the fruit of the tree when you need to look at the root. For all those “grieving” family members and friends who are outraged, where tf was y’all when he needed a support system? Where tf where you when the kid saw a 20year old with a gun as his only role model??? This is in the Vill (little village), been here my whole life, you know how frustrating it was not having positive examples growing up? Where the best person to look up to was a Latin King, especially if parents aren’t home…police needs to be held accountable too but you really asking an officer to trust a kid who has a gun and was shooting at other prior?? Y’all insane, that police giving trust to a person with a gun is a death sentence, a bullet takes a second to fire, he ain’t taking that risk, let’s be real 💯 tired of fake mfs blaming the fruit when there’s not that same energy for the root of the issue. I GUARANTEE you that that kid wasn’t thinking “why the cop shoot me?” That kid was thinking “…I should’ve stayed home…”

  22. It seems like you get better training from McDonald’s than you do in the police force in Merica’

  23. The mayor has already judged / juried / sentenced the police at her news conference. Shots fired earlier, "good" boy with a gun, evading police. This makes him a FELON. Sad that his PARENTS didn't do their job. Sad that CHICAGO sets new records every year for murders and shootings. But hey, let's blame the police.

  24. , they should be trained 2 shoot a non lethal area like the legs

  25. nothing good ever happens after 2am

  26. Protesters, protesting what?

  27. Ladies and Gentlemen, Amerikkka

  28. he literally had his hands up😭😞

  29. Shame,dont the parents and this kid have some accountability?Tired of everyone that gets shot or dies are painted as an model person.

  30. There is no gun in his hand when he is shot.

  31. Both hands 🙌 up in the air comply to the officer and lost is life my condolences go to the family 🙏

  32. PARENT NEGLECT, what's a 13 year old boy doing out at 2:35am, parents to blame.

  33. I hope the gangstaz of chiraq don't shoot 60 people this weekend because of this.

  34. God what is weigh with those police officers he does what he is told and gets shots wow

  35. R.I.P. Adam and Duante🕊

  36. In hindsight the officer should have been screaming "DONT MOVE" – "DO NOT TURN AROUND – "SLOWLY OPEN YOUR HANDS" – "WITH YOUR HANDS STILL OPEN, SLOWLY TURN AROUND" because it's the sudden movement that actually got him killed. If someone with a gun whips around in a real fast motion you have no choice but to shoot them or you're just hope they're not about to shoot you. When an officer says something like "show me your hands" you have to do it slowly. The shooting is unfortunately justified IMO given the circumstances that i've seen.

  37. This tragedy is 100% on the parents. How can they live with themselves??

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