Monday , January 18 2021
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Boeing 737 Max Returns To Flight | NBC Nightly News

American Airlines operated the media flight Wednesday after an unprecedented 20-month grounding followed two fatal crashes that killed 346 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia. A critical software upgrade has been made to the system at the center of both crashes.
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Boeing 737 Max Returns To Flight | NBC Nightly News


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  1. 737 MAXs are the worst planes ever and they should be retired and scrapped and never fly again

  2. Would you still fly the 737 next gens?

  3. I will ride a boeing 737 max but i will ride it next year

  4. This is probably the safest aircraft in the air now. I don't think people realize that a software related crash is rare and that they are most likley going to die from pilot error. That being said when I fly I don't care what aircraft it is. I only require at least drinks or entertainment and I'm good to go.

  5. Every body bothered only money . Some of the CEO talk profit . Save fuel , more seat .
    If airlines wants to make profit lot many way are available . CEO meating with CTO technical / MOCC /operation department is a must in the bigging & end of the week. Next month approach government for there internal problem change many laws for better standing of your airline .
    My argument with Boeing /FAA are you fully satisfied with Max MCAS .
    What is your fail safe concept .
    Why Boeing CEO never adress to the world saying , My air craft Boeing 737 max MCAS system modified , here is the test flight report , we have _ takeoff & landing . This our failsafe concept.
    We welcome your team for air crafts inspection and flying ( takeoff / landing )
    I am 100 percent sure they are not done MCAS mod properly . That is why Boeing ready for simulator training . simulator training for pilots expenditure must be taken by Boeing . Means air ticket, hotel accommodation, simulator training . Boeing told all customers no need of simulator tryining.
    Still Boeing have time do MCAS mod properly , no need of simulator training be smart enough in aviation industry & lead world .
    As of today Boeing totally failed in front of technology & Airbus .

  6. i will never take this plane, even if you give me money

  7. if it's boeing i'm not going

  8. Americans,you can fly all you want in the domestic market !

  9. Why would I book AA when that means that I risk being stranded at an airport and AA refuses to pay for hotel and other expenses?

  10. I'm still young I don't want to die young thank you

  11. The joke will be on all the YT know it all drama queens below. The max is now easily the safest plane in the sky for a long time to come. It was already a safe and stable plane that any compitent flight crew could have brought back safely when mcas acted up. Just wish it was tweaked before the crashes. Now it has been investigated and tested more than any passenger airplane in history.

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  13. The only fixed was the MCAS update. If Boeing was able to conceal MCAS from every one then what else did they install in the plane without telling ??? Only time will tell.

  14. The max is the safest aircraft on the market today whoever says others are safer your dead wrong I’d get on a max tomorrow if I could

  15. Make every plane a Max so that people don’t travel during the pandemic

  16. Boeing should make new model to replace 727 max. It is too risky.

  17. They have to build a new plane instead

  18. Again the squeezed profits are the main priority

  19. I will never fly on that flying hearse

  20. Never forget, profits before people don't forget the two crashes. I certainly wont be flying until years on.

  21. Hey guys, this plane already took more than a year for recertification and its now very fine

  22. How no one got arrested for neglect or homicide is beyond me. Just fly a a220 aka bombardier cs100 which Boeing tried to get the us to ban because boeing couldn't compete with it.It's built in Alabama and alot more modern and air worthy than the 50 year old 737 with engines that don't even fit right. Between the defective rudder system that brought 2 planes down a few decades ago to the max Boeing lost its way and obviously had used car sales managers run the company. Let's only worry about the shareholder so what our planes fall out of the sky. As long as the stock can survive. Never will I step foot on a boeing again. I have always looked at why planes I fly and try to get a a220 if not that a a320 as much as I can. It's a smaller plane but more legroom and very modern. And feels like it handle and operates so smoothly.

  23. Everyone saying they're not flying it has not done any research whatsoever. The pilots of the 2 that crashed only had 300 flight hours total….. To get hired at a U.S Airline you need 1,200+
    The Max incidents were poor pilot judgement and lack of experience from low costs carriers in foreign countries

  24. I rather choose airbus, thank you, i want to live.

  25. If it’s a max, I’m not a pax 🙂

  26. Boeing knew the 737 max was not safe and when 2 of them crashed they even had the audacity to blame the pilots. I refuse to fly this plane because big corporations get away with murder. By continuing to fly this plane we are only encouraging them to be more reckless.

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