Tuesday , September 22 2020
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Boeing Manager Says He Warned Company Of Problems Months Before 737 Max Crashes | NBC Nightly News

Speaking out for the first time, Ed Pierson tells NBC News that he tried to sound the alarm over the conditions at the Boeing plant in Reston, where he says a push to increase production of the 737 Max planes created a factory in chaos.
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Boeing Manager Says He Warned Company Of Problems Months Before 737 Max Crashes | NBC Nightly News


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  1. He was seeing the manufacturing chaos but the cause of the crashes happened in DESIGN. The engineering team at Boeing is just as chaotic and incompetent. They used a freaking insane single sensor design. In a single sensor design if the sensor fails or has an anomaly your computer has no clue. And sensors are terribly unreliable. We all know that…well those of us who have built automated systems know this.
    So the manufacturing chaos he witnessed was just part of the much deeper incompetence across Boeing.

  2. Look at Boeing's hiring practices. Its incredibly poor. They take months to respond. So you aren't going to get top talent ever when you take months to respond. The incompetence at Boeing is across the board.

  3. Did you know that Boeing pilots have dandruff?
    Yeah, investigators keep finding their head and shoulders scattered across crash sites.

  4. Why isn't the CEO of Boeing in jail? Anyone who has done even basic work on control automation knows you never ever use a single sensor on a critical control surface. Either Boeing has incompetent engineers at all levels or the leadership is criminally responsible. Which is it?

  5. Not for profit military. Yeah, right.

  6. 737 had to use a lot of unreliable legacy technology because if there's too many upgrades to modern technology, than pilots would required recertification, and airlines always bulk at that. So 737MAX still relies on many technology invented in the 70s!

  7. At least the word "whistleblower" was used correctly for the first time in two months

  8. Liberal media probably thinks it's trumps fault.

  9. Months????? This problem is years old and was pushed through by one executive who wanted to catch up with the eu without spending any money on design.

  10. If you have a Strong Sense of Duty, Chump and The Extreme Hate Cult will begin the slander campaign. Be ready.

  11. Criminal actions against the Boeing board coming…

  12. Courageous man. Boeing are criminals. The top management should be prosecuted and locked up.

  13. The parasites running boeing company deserve to rot in jail for their greed that killed hundreds of innocent people. Shame on them for this freak show.

  14. The executives at Boeing have ruined a storied and amazing American company and should all be in jail!

  15. They’ve been doing this the whole time they’ve been in business. It’s nothing new

  16. While I applaud his expressing his concerns about production, the problem with these planes was the operating systems and not the air frame. Every feature of which should have the ability to be disengaged as the pilot sees fit for the situation. You should not have to wait until a crash occurs to rectify those problems either. The rudder freeze up, was another example that went uncorrected for far too long. Fix the software, and make the option to turn it off more available to pilots. Problem averted ! Peace !

  17. This was the first thought I had when seen this crash. If you have ever worked in manufacturing it’s always hey there’s a problem here and the boss says nope we got a dead line ship it!!!!

  18. Jesus is coming in your lifetime repent for the kingdom is near every knee will bow every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord

  19. Why isn't the CEO on trial or jail for the mass killings?

  20. UNFOUNDED! The plane was on line when he alerted boeing, now mabye the defect he saw didnt cause the incidents, but its highly unlikely they helped and more likely they may have made matters worse. Companies HAVE to stop the lies, and those who dont should be held criminally responsible. Its HIGH TIME we changge ALOT of our corporate/business structure, as well as all aspects of society, to stop rewarding criminal, unethical and immoral behaviours. We should be so much better than this, and deep down everyone except psychopaths/mentally disabled individuals knows this. So if you dont think so, choose your category because its one or the other, simple as that.

  21. °*° KILLARY 👈😆🇺🇸
    The "Super PREDATOR"
    Hunter 20/20
    (Brought to you by)
    The B%tch that cheated bernie

  22. Still have reason to fly 737 max?

  23. Airplane parts are America's biggest export and you FOOLS think your gonna pay for all those social programs with a lynching?

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