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Boeing sends Starliner passenger rocket into space l ABC News

ABC News’ David Kerley reports on the Starliner launch that just made history.
READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/3932bf8

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  1. BOIENG is the sound it makes crashing

  2. What fucking liars, no one has even been close to touching the moon or space. Fake!

  3. Mission fail. Now send 737 airplane instead. Less dangerous.😂

  4. There goes Boeing’s space and military division…. and they’ve been in it a long time

  5. They forgot to put PELOSI in the fuel tank

  6. Boeing can't even make a good planes.

  7. So close.
    I hope that it can be safely returned home.

  8. Boeing please step aside and let Spacex do the honors

  9. Boeing should give up on flying objects from now on. Perhaps electric vehicles? Nope, I wouldn't buy one from them. Boeing's greed finally caught up with them it appears.

  10. Boeing sucks just put their payloads on a Falcon 9

  11. The mission was pretty much a failure. It didn't even get in the right orbit. What a disaster. Boeing can't do anything right at the moment.

  12. They need to focus on getting their planes safely from one state to another first without crashing and leave space travel alone

  13. More Fake News, why does anyone believe anything they say?

  14. Boeing cant even make safe planes for use on earth. Let spaceX do the spaceship building lol

  15. Hasn't Boeing been making rockets for decades, what took you so long?

  16. Ruh Roh,mission failure,we have an anomoly,similar to the Democrats when they launched an impeachment against the GREAT ONE,DONAL J.TRUMP.

  17. Why aren't they reporting that it failed? Propaganda.

  18. They got paid way more than spaceX to do the same job. And way behind ….

  19. Aren't you guys the owners of the 737 MAX?

    Thanks for not choosing Boeing, the exits are there, there, here, here, back there, over there and up there.

  20. hope the rocket works better than the 747 max

  21. Idk about this one we all know the end result when Boeing is racing to finish before its competitors!!!

  22. They send a dummy into space however, when they could have used any Democrat in Congress instead

  23. The mission timer was off, The payload burned through all of it's delta v, putting the spacecraft into the wrong orbit. It won't be going to the space station. It's going to to land in white sands new mexico here in a couple days.

  24. The 1 thumbs down is from the flat earth morons whom now realize that their moronic rambling is cough to an end.

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