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Bolsonaro changes tone, will accept foreign aid to fight Amazon fires

Heritage Foundation senior policy analyst Nick Loris reacts to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s claim that his government will now accept all foreign aid to fight the Amazon fires.

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  1. We know why they set the fire to get to whats theyre

  2. We have it every year.. the outcry is happening because he is leftist.. we’re not worried with the containment already in place . Nick’s comments are precise and well balanced. Long life to Fox News !!

  3. "only up by 7%" the fires are so out of control that it is the equivalent of burning the entire east coast. The micro climate produced by the rainforest is what kept it alive. You take away the rainforest, you take away the micro climate, which takes away the ability to regrow the rainforest AND deteimentally drops the amount of rain per year. the whole environment will change and – guess what? It won't be able to sustain the farmland that it was eradicated for

  4. the fires need to be put out. plain and simple

  5. Yeah, let's give more money to Brazil, so that they can burn down more crops and plant more soybeans for China… And we all know how much China cares about the environment…

  6. Wtf? Corruption at its finest.

  7. If this doesn't stop we are not going to have air we are all going to die so doesn't matter how much money they get if they don't get this fire out and start replanting trees

  8. Bill Murray: Quién es más macho? Bolsonaro o Macron? Answer: Bill de Blasio.

  9. Who cares about economy. The environment more important. Human welfare is more important. Humans will have to learn to live with less and respect our environment. Resources must be allocated and resource industries nationalized and limited. Greed is the downfall of man. We must live with less, and live more humbly. Wealth and materialism must be scaled back. Bolsanaro is a fool.

  10. Fake news infomation Fox. Date 2015 image.

  11. Much of these comments here are liberals lol. …

  12. cause if u dont, u dont get to be president. still, u should be fired.

  13. Good job! The expert knows the history of fires in Brazil. These fires are normal. It is the insane Global Warming hoaxsters pretending this is something new, praying upon the extreme ignorance of the American people. Most Americans are sheep. Most Americans do not think for themselves. Most American do not want to be free. Most Americans want the government to take care of them. Conservatives have to step up everywhere to keep America free.

  14. More fake news. Rich people looking for a way to increase their revenue with hidden taxes that are supposedly all about ecological conservation

  15. These fires are not normal and do not happen every year and never like this…what a Liar…this is a lost because of egos of politics, fake reporters who sugar coat a terroristic attack on the amazon for finacial gain, UN being cowards, and corruption within governments. Brazilian ppl need to fight back..they lost a historical museum caused by fire and now this..i pray God just makes it rain to stop fires n in the meantime drowned the corruption n corrupters.

  16. What the Amazon needs is hands on help, volunteers, , and equipments like many airplanes to drop water constantly, and the money can go towards paying for fuel costs, food, and shelter for volunteers.

  17. Coz u favela cunts are working against me

  18. Short sighted, ignorant fool. How can he be so naive?

  19. UNTIL NOW?! If he would've done something earlier he could've saved the forest. It's too late now.

  20. I think the leaders donating and the Brazil leader need to work together and all discuss and decide where it goes as a group. Not one leader but as a whole.

  21. Dont' lie about Brazil. Look before to biggest fire in Africa!! The trouble is Money. Corruption losing!!!

  22. The fire that is going on is totally normal for the period. The same amount from 2016 (also a very hot/dry year). The problem is that in 2017 and 2018 there were lots of rain, both years…

    Because of it, lots of leaves and organic material were deposited on the ground. In 2019, this year, we had a very, very hot and dry season in the Forrest. So the fire was more intense than in previous years BECAUSE of these accumulated deposited materials. And fire it is NOT necessarily bad for the Forrest. Be aware. That's why they keep saying it rose 80% or it's 2x bigger than last year.

    G7 and others (Macron, especially) are calling for the internationalization of Amazon.

    It's all excuses to take away the sovereignty of our Forrest. They come up with these lies about preservation, but what they really want from us is to not be able to explore it economically.

    They finance International NGOs to DEMARCATE HUGE areas for "Native Indians" (some areas are the size of Portugal! ) with the excuse of nature "preservation". They are pressuring Brazil economically to sign the Paris Climate Accord which will make our country give away the political control over amazon to NGOs and International Organizations.

    Amazon is huge, almost the size of Germany, France, Spain and a few other European countries together. Amazon is sooo rich economically that they don't want us to compete with them, with their market. Get it? Even "sustainable development" won't be permitted because they control all narratives. It has to be full preservation: "Amazon is the lung of the planet", "oxygen of the world", this kind of crap.

    These countries DIRECTLY FINANCE AND SUPPORT LEFISTIS NGOs to influence the region and they are the ones who LOBBY IN CONGRESS FOR FAILED POLICIES THAT DEEPENS THE PROBLEM (sounds familiar?). Don't forget to add corrupt politicians in the mix.

    Everybody here is in favor of sustainable development. 60% of our territory is preserved… besides that, people don't understand how big Amazon is. Brazil is HUGE and Amazon is only a part of it (maybe 30% of our territory?). 85% of the population are very far away from it.

    Our leftist parties have alliances with NGOs and these PROGRESSIVE international actors. They sold our country for ideology.


    Hope you can spread some truth around.

  23. That 20million should not go to the cow farmers which caused these fires in the first place to make room for their farms.

    It should go to help relocate the human beings whose homes were destroyed in the Amazon and help replenish the earth, after the fires are put out.

  24. Brazil accepts foreign aid to fight amazon fire. Take the stock Brazil and amazon passes between Brazil. Amazon got great forest and water channels. A variety of spices came out of amazon and mated the world. The fruits/seeds meets their roots.

    Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, France (French Guiana).

    The pollen of amazon gone online retailing and made w3c, iCANN "Yes We Can" retail markets.

    History helped to catch the amazon junglees unclean acts and reunite them inside their forest of long broad leaves of thick forest and animals association union.

  25. I guess he got some blow back from his mom when he got home.

  26. Don’t give them any money, because they want use it to put the fire out. Brazil has a nut for a leader.

  27. Good, let it burn. Human is cancer to the earth. The sooner we are extinct, the sooner the planet can live again.

  28. The corrupted government will pocket most of that money

  29. Bolsonaro's corruption and allegiance are with the developers. He couldn't care less about forest fires in the amazon. Brazil needs a new president.

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