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Border wall construction important, can deter criminal activity: Lt. Olivarez

Texas Department of Public Safety’s Lt. Christopher Olivarez argues Gov. Greg Abbott is approaching the migrant crisis in the correct manner by offering border security solutions. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Send them all back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yay I’m glad he’s doing that! They should have an electric fence so they can buzz it every one in a while.

  3. When are they going to get those that committed treason and send them to gitmo!

  4. Only 2000 miles left to build.

  5. Shame on Biden and Harris
    They are not ignoring this and they should both be impeached for this and all of their policies. They are not helping the American people. I am tired of their racist policies. Boden is just a puppet and doesn6 even know where he is half of the time. We need a real leader.

  6. Declare Mexican Drug Cartels Foreign Teror Organizations under Federal Law

  7. Cartels bring kidnapping, torture, extortion; levels of depraved violence unseen on the US side. Juarez see's +1,200 murders annually. "Anyone who says this is politics doesn't care about the lives of people who have had a gun stuck to their head from people coming across the border illegally", Gov. Abbott.

  8. 2021, it's been literally since forever we haven't had a border wall meanwhile Israel, our biggest receiver of foreign aid, has a 60 ft concrete wall with machine guns, tanks, helicopters, mines… Zionist Republicans against the wall are traitors.

  9. Tell your problems to the marines. No one cares especially from the administration.

  10. Walls dont work. The great wall, hadrian's wall failed. This will be a colossal waste of money. But you rubes fall for it

  11. Talk to President Trump. He's a builder. I am routing for Texas. Self defense is not a crime.

  12. Abbott should start a go fund me page on every outlet, he will be able to help pay for the wall. This affects the whole country. Even if a person cannot afford to give much,I am sure many Americans would donate. Let's get the wall done as much as possible. Just having the construction going on would deter illegals. Having armed guards would also deter them. Shooting a few would really deter them. Time to get the message across.

  13. Biden is disabled and Kamala is incompetent. Our people and country are in danger We have a National Emergency

  14. No need for a wall if ya set up a line of automated m60's , mow em down & watch illegal immigration stop instantly

  15. There is no such thing as federal land. There is no such thing as Federal money. It's the people's land, and the peoples money. With whatever help you need and putting this wall up, United States citizens will get it done. And we can't let a bunch of power grabbing people that thinks because they working the government we have to go through them. This is our Land and we need to start treating it as such.

  16. They laugh at the Border wall when Mexico build wall around their house to keep out other Mexican

  17. I live in Texas and governor Abbott will take Care of us He will never back down He gets things done

  18. (CNN)Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas declared it is his responsibly to manage security at the US-Mexico border,
    Well the DHS has decided to let the children in along with their families !
    Wake up White America you're being effed up the A

  19. I want to thank all of you troopers out there on the border because that’s also where I live is on the border.

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