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Borelli: I lost my job thanks to Facebook’s censorship

Fox New contributor Deneen Borelli discusses Facebook’s anti-conservative bias audit and how she lost her job.

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  1. Poor conservative snowflakes. In general they account for most of the service agreement violations on Facebook and youtube but when they get called out they whine like they are singled out. Everyone is subject to these organization's changes in algorithm. Many liberal channels are complaining about the same thing. You do not see them whining about Facebook and Youtube taking swipes at liberal content. These companies are not hurting the consumers, they are lowering the revenue for producers as they know they have no where else to go.

  2. I don't have Facebook and I never will because they're bias, and I wouldn't use Youtube either but it seems to be the only source of media I can go too for info. Something should be done about this its not fair by any means.

  3. Lol Facebook ruins lives that’s why I don’t Facebook

  4. well that what it looks like if there not censoring conservatives was it other reasons like ethnic groups

  5. facebook censorship because she was black, so facebook is anti black

  6. she is not a "casulty" of their censorship….. give it a break lady. it is a privately owned website, they have every right to put whatever they want on their website!!! Lady, you lost your job, because you got shoved down in life and instead of brushing yourself off and getting back up to keep going, you just quit…… wha wha wha.

  7. The fine should have been one trillion not 5 billion

  8. Don't worry my dear, very soon you and everyone else will be able to sue FACEBOOK

  9. The way to break the monopoly of social media is to switch to another provider. Social media needs marketplace open competition to clean up its act. The essence of Freedom is Choice. All people have to do is set up their own personal websites. Then aggregators will have something to start with. Has Deneen talked to BlazeTV?

  10. Recent studies have shown that one in three Trump devotees are just as brain-washed as the other two

  11. I don't understand Facebook is biased I shutdown my Facebook s*** 5 years ago and haven't missed it one day ! Put your money where your mouth is if you truly believe it's biased then shut down your site !

  12. Thats why I don't belong to any one of them! We never had that BS when I grew up? who needs them.

  13. Disgusting hateful islamonazis of fb. Tired of their intolerant bs. Fb ban me, every time , I say something the intolerant islamonazis don’t like.

  14. I love working for Facebook 😊

  15. Way past time to break up anti-American Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Every one of them are PUBLISHERS, not platforms.

    No more protections, break them up now!

  16. Down with fascistbook, tweeterbaited, Gayglee, reddarmyit, and commietube…

  17. she is exactly right! You have no recourse once facebook disables your account. There is no justice in Facebook. And they are an enemy to free speech and constitutional freedoms.

  18. It's simple, DON'T USE FACEBOOK.

  19. It's because you are a strong Black Woman trying to make people aware of what is going on politically.. The Left depend on the black vote and want to silence this strong Black Woman..

  20. FB's ties with Obama and Clinton are widely known. Some of them work there to keep FB Woke.

  21. Don’t use Facebook u stupid fucks

  22. Facebook almost cost me my daughter, I wrote the creator of Facebook, they sent my letter back, unopened! She is right, they are impossible to contact! Poor children, they get on it, no matter what, some get bullied! May be a contributing factor for these young Mass shooters!

  23. Facebook just wants to keep trash off of there platform

  24. I was able to reach Facebook. I closed my account. They heard that.

  25. Facebook is the enemy of the free world. Delete your accounts now and stop supporting the tech tyrants! Ditch Apple while you're at it.

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