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Boris Johnson faces major defeat in Brexit battle l ABC News

U.K. lawmakers voted to take control away from Boris Johnson’s government, giving themselves the power to stop a no-deal Brexit.

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  1. It's not Brexit chaos, its media and debt. Politicians have never before been shown to be as pointless and wasteful as they actually are. Unfortunately it's happened on the back of 'reality'tv and facefknbook so it will carry on

  2. Thomas has never seen such bullshit before 😠

  3. So you understand now, UK people, that your democracy was in reality just an illusion?

  4. There is no way they are going to get a good deal. They don't have any leverage and now they have even less. Johnson was right. Taking that stance was the only way to a good deal. You are witnessing one of the drawbacks to Democracy, too many cooks spoiling the broth. 3 YEARS after the people voted to leave they are still standing in the doorway. The leaders don't have the courage to leave…or is it something more nefarious? In any case they vowed to carry out the people's decision however now they'll return to the EU and grovel for yet another extension. How sad, what a once powerful and sovereign nation has become. A Prince that has become a pauper.

  5. A defeat for the British people who voted for national sovereignty Instead of hateful globalist oppression.

  6. The mp crossing the eisle just shows globalist chooosr globalism over any countries political party disposable

  7. Why's Michael
    Johnson talking about the news

  8. Very misleading headline. They haven’t voted on Brexit yet. Also, the queen has the final say.

  9. U.K Lawmakers Are Corrupt…Go Boris.

  10. Not as big as the defeat, Dumb Donnie will take next year!

  11. The English conservative party becomes a right-wing Trump party, serving bullying white supremacist Americans!

  12. Boris Johnson is a wanker who should just die already. He had the police come for a domestic violence house call! He and the pedophile Royals should just go the way of the buffalos.

  13. Boris Johnson = Donald Trump;
    Shinzo Abe = Jeffrey Epstein

  14. Trumpsters now taking it in bum in Britain. Just the way they like it.

  15. Get the dead to vote.
    That's what we do in the states. 😱

  16. right this is it now fck this sht this is a public announcement
    im running for power now …….. vote for me my policies
    2 hour working week
    free rides to work on unicorns or dragons
    a time machine for every home
    your hair will grow back
    and a life time supply of peanut butter oh ill stick 20 years on your life as well .
    Vote                                                  ROTTEN

  17. WTF UK??? If you are so stupid to sit and let your freedom be taken by the EU then you deserve it!

  18. So changing the gender of the U.K. Leader was supposed to yield different results? Will Boris be forever our next? For who? Superman?

  19. Civil war in UK coming your way for sure, we the people voted to leave and we won and now these fuks want to stay, democracy at its finest.

  20. boris is a weak person, who care,s only about himself

  21. Anyone who supports Brexit is a Nazi, a Fascist, a Racist, and Putin's puppet.

  22. Could be 💂British Parliament the New Vietnam?💥🔥💭🎆💣

  23. I voted to leave the EU in the referendum with, or without a deal. A vote to leave won. We are now in the EU illegally and defying democracy. Until democracy is restored we are apparently under the control, not of Government, but by Parliamentary Rebels defying convention and setting their own laws and objectives.

  24. Brexit …… misleading the financial industry. British men, please do not be fooled by mainstream media whose reporting focuses on the UK Parliament and the EU bureaucracy. The actual decision on Brexit and the future face of the EU will be made neither in Brussels nor in London but, as always, on the boards of major international banks and hedge funds.

  25. Yet another example of un-elected bureaucrats (in this case from other countries) overriding a legitimate vote by the people. Folks in the USA are taking notes. Never going to happen here.

  26. American citizen here. Fuck the EU britian should be a sovereign nation. The globalist are pigs.

  27. The EU should perform a mercy killing — no deal, no extension, just go away!

  28. We are seeing the world's government unfolding.. as the bible states the Anti-Christ will come and will bring all government as ONE. A charming, charismatic figure to rule the entire world because he proclaimed peace. Prophecies unfolding right before our eyes.

  29. We the people voted already ! U the government and all the elected MPs have now lost the trust of the public for decades to come !!!!

  30. Daryl was frustrated out of work and down

  31. Sept 21st: #WeThePeopleMarch

    Over 100,000 Americans will be marching in D.C.

    Transportation is available: 100+ buses!

    50+ satellite marches around the U.S. for those who can’t travel to D.C.

    Get involved and spread the word – I’ll be there, will you?

  32. Of course he is when facing opposition from Trotskyist as opposition and parliament full of traitors to their people who voted in democratic vote to leave corrupted EU but are determined like the cowards the are to stay attached to this corrupted organisation all of them pieces of 💩💩💩💩

  33. We the British voted to leave prob is are toffee nose government does not , democracy is a joke now in Britain !

  34. The way democracy works is the people elect a government to govern us by making laws.
    Since 2010 Britain has elected the Conservatives to form our government.
    We have charged them with the task of making laws and running the country.
    Last night MP's voted amongst themselves to take control from the government.
    How can anybody who believes in democracy be ok with that?
    How would our American cousins feel if a similar situation were to happen in American politics where the person elected as President by the majority of citizens no longer had the ability to run the country? I think not too well and a civil war would break out making the other American civil war look like a school yard squabble.
    But us Brits because we are so nice are supposed to take it like the good chaps we are? No, fuck that! Bring on another election so we can get rid of the treacherous scum in parliament trying to stop the will of the people.

  35. MaKE BriTAin & aMErICa gREat AgAIN
    👍BoRIs & tRUmp 👍

  36. UK citizens need to realize it was never about deal or no deal but buying time until they could squash Brexit.

  37. Boris makes me weak at the knees 😋😋😍😍😍🐱😍😍

  38. USA, Britain, Hong Kong, and even Russia all in turmoil
    George Washington feared that one there'd be too much foreign influence in the United States

  39. The Across the Pond Donald Trump should show his cousin in America how to get members from the Republican party to cross the aisle to the Democratic side🤣🤣🤣

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