Thursday , December 3 2020
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Boris Johnson 'in a very strong position' with Brexit fight: Hilton

Fox News’ ‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton discusses UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s efforts with Brexit and the recent smearing 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi Gabbard received from Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Boris is a REMAINER do your research on him, he is not here to take the UK out of Europe with his poorly agreed deals no one will vote for, he is here for a POWER GRAB, and that is why he is consistently diverting his attention away from Brexit and asking for a General elections. The facts are the Tories have only sent Remainers to Brussels to come up with POOR deals.

  2. Boris Johnson is beginning to lose control of the Brexit situation and he knows it. He has got to get something — anything – accomplished already! He must show the British people that he has SOMETHING in hand. The deadline is less than ten days away. He better squash these dissenters and fast because his enemies are already smelling blood in the water. His position as PM is at stake now.


  4. Forget Bercow, forget Boris Johnson, the 'DEAL' that they're calling it.. is not a DEAL in substance. It's a NEW EU Treaty. What this means is that it's not Britain leaving the European Institutions, which is not leaving the European Union. But nobody is talking about this. WHY?… Because they have an agenda to reverse the results of the UK 2016 referendum and the will of the majority of the UK who voted… 😉 If you read between the lines it's pretty obvious.

  5. Two key success by UK PM Boris Johnson for Brexit and fairly dealing EU.
    Wow that's a Royal Empire intelligence and master work. He is in strong position and rock's the Parliament eh.

  6. Soros NGOs funded by him organize anti-Brexit protests!

  7. The speaker is defending our parliamentary democracy from the Tory far right. We have a conventional constitution, The Torys are breaking with convention and Bercow is defending those conventions and in doing so he is defending our democracy from the executive who seek to strip parliament of its power, and the UK of democracy.

  8. Brexit has been happening for 3 years, sit down and read that 64 page boris deal anyway, stop reading fake news, it won't take another 3 years😆😆😆

  9. Russian agents call innocent people Russian agents.

  10. Tommy Robinson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👏🏼

  11. Hilton Talks a Load of Nonsense.

  12. Johnson is a real man. He has balls. He is similar to Trump. The E.U. can go to hell.

  13. It all helps Hillary. She's always been a smart girl playing a losing hand. HE's the one that married into corruption.

  14. How does anybody actually think Populism is positive? It gave us Trump and Brexit!

    Populism is statistically no better than guessing?
    When should an educated human being go ‘I don’t know but I believe’ when making major economic decisions?
    In what other area of life would you use the same principle?

    Only Fox could actually advertise this ideal as logical!While disguising it as reporting!

    Cameron proved he was planets biggest fool by allowing populism to decide Brexit! And Hilton was advising Cameron.

    Next time you don’t know what is wrong with your health ask the average person, make the decision, then spend four years trying to spin it as a logical win for democracy.
    Go on.
    Do it.


  15. Put Farage as the UK representative at the EU, so he can say no to everything they do and serve them his thoughts for breakfast every morning. Every member has a veto.

  16. If Tulsi gave up the wholesale slaughter of the most innocent of human life, she will be a powerhouse for moral reforms. You can't demand the end of wars while the immoral war against little babies reaches 1,000,000+ every year. 65,000,000+ to date.

  17. I guess I dont understand why the EU has any say? Politics are annoying in general but why would England need any approval from the EU? I'm confused.

  18. Just so you know, as an Englishman this brexit deal isn't brexit. It's a new remain treaty with the EU. I rather join and become the newest state of the USA than this crap deal. We have given up so so so so much for zero gain.

  19. Wow American News is very bias

  20. If she was patriotic she would work with the president instead of trying to impeach him genius.

  21. A no deal situation would be the best. No strings and no rules from foreigners to handicap your economy to prevent competition.

  22. Boris Johnson is not for the people there was a million people outside parliament trying to stop him he wants to remove our working rights and consumer right and civil protections that doesn't sound like a man for the people to me 😂

  23. 🙏We are praying for Boris

  24. If he gets the UK out in 10 days time on a NO DEAL, you will hear across the pond the cheers from the UK

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