Saturday , July 24 2021
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Boris Johnson to Juncker: No Brexit deal if backstop remains

Anthony Gardner, former US ambassador to the EU, wants to remind people why Brexit happened in the first place.

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  1. Risk lol… Risk is a EU problem, good for the UK.

  2. Why am I receiving a notification for this – 7 days late?

  3. How is Johnson doing with his new deal and his plan to replace the backstop ? If he doesn't actually start negotiations with the EU how can he get a deal. The blonde lying idiot. Kick out the Trump/Putin puppet.

  4. The queen of England stepped in and helped Boris

  5. I hope Americans stop buying goods from e.u til Britain is free.

  6. What about getting bread in Ireland and food in Ireland all its distribution of food stuff comes from England dealing on the border lack of bread because the flow comes from England 2 or 3 days delays for trucks come ING to shops

  7. What about getting bread in Ireland and food in Ireland all its distribution of food stuff comes from England dealing on the border lack of bread because the flow comes from England 2 or 3 days delays for trucks come ING to shops

  8. A hard border across Ireland would reignite The Trouble and, quite possibly, launch another Republican War against the Monarchy. Northern Ireland voted by 56% to remain in the EU. If they are forced out by the Anglos, they will most likely respond with violence.

  9. only 41% now want to leave, the tide has turned.

  10. You're not getting a better deal then a no deal brexit.

  11. Boris. Leave now! Bercow has gone against the rules of the Speakers employment. The Speaker HAS to remai

  12. there will be no Brexit *- at the last moment the British will ask for prologation of withdrawal, this is obvious they got scared.

  13. I think the tide is turning. We need to get on with our lives now.

  14. Many countries would leave, but people are not educated enough and just submits to colorful EU ads. Im happy for Brexit, and support Boris. EU has many bad things. Socialism and biurocracy is never good. I also dont like how just in EU I have to pay additional 30% Vat tax, and I dont see any benefits from it. I hope people would get more knowledgeable in the future and EU would be destroyed or drastically changed.

  15. Hopefully LePen wins in France. Trudeau and Merkel replaced by nationalists instead of globalist authoritarians.

  16. I support the people of the UK. That one world government scam,is totally exposed. Leave

  17. The next thing on the list is the UN.
    The UN is sending untold numbers of people from the Middle East and Africa.

  18. Boris is about to sell his country and 17.4 million voters down the line, the deal he will announce will be the May deal with slightly different wording

  19. Iin no deal Brexit poor people are screwed up and only the elite is going to come out without scratch

  20. Lmao brits still think they a super power.


  22. In other words, Johnson threatens the EU to shoot himself in the head, if the backstop, which was agreed with the British government is not going to be ditched? What a joke, Johnson and everybody with a brain knows, that the UK is far too weak to walk alone, and relying on a moron like Trump is a direct path to even bigger disaster. Brexit is not going to happen anyway, but it is a great show. Comedy at its best!

  23. EU needs to stop trying to control countries or it will fail!!!! NO ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT! Liberty for the ppl for the UK! The US stands with the UK!!!!

  24. Boris, just tell them to shove it and get us the hell out of the eu

  25. take that Jean Claude Junker, go and meet your maker, you can't take it with you ! don't go away mad, just go away !

  26. No deal, and just exit and tell the EU to shove it.

  27. War is coming to Europe .
    A nice long protracted war.
    At least six years of constant war will see to your EU and "migrant" problem.

  28. "Positive and substantive" unfortunately translates to "Juncker put Johnson in his place and threatened him so badly he was heeled like a dog on a leash" in the language of modern politics.
    So, don't get your hopes up, Britain…

  29. Go Boris, Junker needs an enema, with his backstop.
    You don't leave you girlfriend with her demanding that you must stay unless you pay her thousands of pounds and regularly walk her dog for the next 5 years.
    Grow some Cajones, and JUST LEAVE, no deals, no payments, no strings attached.

  30. Boris Nigel and Donald Trump what a super future we have to look forward to,,👍👍👍👍👍👍🇬🇧👍👍👍🇬🇧👍 MAGIC

  31. Gardner is a globalist pig

  32. "The EU Irish backstop? Hold it up to the light, NOT A BRAIN INSIGHT 1 NO DEAL IS THE PERFECT DEAL BORIS DON'T FAIL US NOW…….UK RULES OK !"

  33. The best deal right now is No Deal and revert to WTO then negotiate trade with European countries if they are interested, but not with the obnoxious EU mafia of unelected beurocrats

  34. The "risk" of no deal Brexit is all on the EU. The UK will do fine…. China already wants to work with the UK, the USA has already started talks….
    No question the Government will ignore any resolution barring leaving without a deal…. and be right in doing so… as it's the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, something a lot of these politicians have forgetting.

  35. It's sad to watch the UK go out like this. Within ten years we will see Scottish Independence and a unification of Ireland.

  36. The markets 😭😭😭😭😭

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