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Both sides rest as Amber Guyger case goes to jury

The former police officer claims she mistakenly walked into Botham Jean’s apartment in 2018, thinking it was hers, and shot the unarmed man dead.



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  1. The man was sitting on the couch eating ice cream but she thought it was her apartment??. Didn't she know that the couch and furniture was not hers???

  2. What if the black guy would have shot her for coming into his house? I bet his black ass would have got life in prison or the death penalty.

  3. She didn't even say she said police department or anything If thats the case he could have killed her for unlawfully trespassing on his property. Its a shame what strings white ppl pull even when they know their in the wrong. 'Rot In Jail Bitch

  4. Form your secret underground battalions and start hunting down all those criminal-murderers police officers, one by one. ONLY FIGHTING BACK WILL HELP YOU !!

  5. This woman is dangerous for the entire society. If Amber Guyger is killing people in his own home, on the streets she will kill millions: *jail her for life !!*

  6. Do I think she's dumb and shouldn't be a police officer? ABSOLUTELY. Do I think police officers are human and make stupid mistakes? ABSOLUTELY. Do I think she was going home that night intending to kill an innocent man? ABSOLUTELY NOT. She will not only pay by being in jail for the rest of her life, but by reliving this in her head also. I feel for her in a way, even though I don't think I'd like her as a person if I knew her.

  7. lol. She derserve it.. sorry to say. Walk into someone else place and then shoot them. look around, does it look like your place.. idiot..

  8. How do you walk in someone's home and not know you are not in your own place, bullshit and then say you are afraid for your own life, bye Felicia

  9. I don't believe any Cops, these demons are trained professional liars… Watch her testimony and was reassured of my sentiments. Far as I'm concerned another Dirty Pig in the slammer!! And may I say this was one dirty slutty one… only 800,000 dirty pigs to go!!

  10. She looks like such mutant retarded trash.

  11. I thought she was going to get found innocent, man have times changed.

  12. It seems to me that if African Americans when is stop the racial tension profiling Etc you might want to start with yourselves I not calling each other the N word ALL the time and any and all other personal racial slurs that you give to each other! I hear it all the time from my African-American friends coworkers Neighbors Etc. It's got to start somewhere and I think the best place is to start with yourselves take pride in yourselves what happened in the beginning when evil men stole you from your country what's unspeakable and unspeakable horror and I can't imagine how horrific that must have been! But I had nothing to do with it neither did my family. The fact my parents and my eight siblings taught us to be loving and kind and compassionate do all Races religions Etc. So maybe think about that, don't proliferate the problem in our country. God bless you all

  13. So shes fucking her partner and he partner is just cheating his wife and using his status as a cop to have pussy and play with this bitch 24/7 while tax payer pay for a relationship. This is why people have so much hate for america and hate for the police force. Not because we dont need protection,because everything is about sex and selfishness when it comes to politics and power. This country is in a destructive path to ruin over promiscuity. ALL THIS OVER SOME FUCKING SEX THIS COUNTTY IS FUCKING IMMATURE AND STUPID

  14. he also had a red welcome mat outside his door

  15. Crying voice and face but no tears

  16. Yes!!!!!! Convicted of murder that's right for once our people and system did not fail us

  17. She looks so scared I don't get it why kill this man and not be willing to take life In prison

  18. Wow. Sending racy messages to a former partner who was married is what lead her to the moment she walked into someone else's home and killed them. Wtf. That ho needs a white jacket with no hand holes honestly. But. That's the kind of men and women that make the honestly good cops look like poo.

  19. How the heck did she get into his apartment. Do they all use the same key? She must have been wasted

  20. No probation, life is better

  21. Even if a man was in HER home….there are other ways to handle it….tell him to freeze & identify himself….he wasn't armed she was what was the hurry in shooting?

  22. This is the problem with guns….guess what? In UK where the police don't have guns…this can't happen.

  23. The only satisfaction i get from watching this tragedy is that i know what they do with ex-cops in prison……
    The bitch deserves life with no parol .


  25. Oh well. Politics over the law.

  26. God bless Texas, because we know this wouldn't have happened in New York or anywhere up North. We need to do away with Grand Juries.

  27. Look at her ugly killer face

  28. Take note officers!! Its getting darker in the D.o.j buildings 😁 niggaz are activated!!

  29. bitch was probably intoxicated or texting, saw a black man and shot him thinking it is her place. Doesn't matter how she was wrong, send her to jail for fifteen or more.

  30. BYE FELICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. That's how they get away with everything… always a 'split second decision'.

  32. Bitch just found guilty. One less dirty pig on the street

  33. In my state, TN self defense and castle doctrine say you have to be in a place you are supposed to be before these laws apply.

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