Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Botham Jean's Brother Embraces Amber Guyger After Sentencing | NBC News

Ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the fatal shooting of her neighbor Botham Jean.
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Botham Jean’s Brother Embraces Amber Guyger After Sentencing | NBC News


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  1. RIP to blackmen 😪😪wearing dresses, hugging murderers, and still the major food for the system!!!! Such BS

  2. On both of NBC's clips they cut out the most powerful witness for Jesus Christ I've ever seen…just cut it out, like it wasn't even a thing. Even CNN included the witness for Christ, but not NBC.

  3. #thelongestsufferingpeople…..teachable moment world…again we teach MLK

  4. They were interviewing a passerby on tv in china regarding hong kong and the man said “forget about our problems here in china – you guys need to focus on police killing blacks in America”

  5. The only hug I would give her is the one Ramsay Bolton gave Roose.

  6. I don’t think I could ever be as Christian as that gentleman if I lost my brother that way. What a powerful example of forgiveness.

  7. Did anyone hear what the juror said PASSION,PASSION, IN THE HEAT OF PASSION, this was a
    love affair one person wanted
    and the other didn't, that hug was
    the closest thing,listen and take
    race and cop out of it and think
    HUMAN DESIRE,under the infulance of sudden passion

  8. get tired of these WEAK azz PUNK azz black people without a inch of pride or dignity. This woman murdered your brother in cold blood and didn't even attempt to help him but left him laying like a bleeding dog. I'm ashamed of black people who are this way and I can't stand the fact they have the same color skin as me. I'm with Phil I feel like I'm living in the twilight zone. Racist people like Amber have defecated on our people for hundreds of years and its always I forgive you over and over and over and over again. Today I'm ashamed to be a black man with brethren like this.

  9. His brother is the true definition of a Christian! What an amazing young man. God bless him. He has the light of Jesus shining bright in him!.

  10. This young brother is exactly what the world needs more of….Love❤

  11. It’s disgusting how black people will forgive white people for doing the most grizzly things to them. Amber literally had racist text messages in her phone! She was a racist and killed his fking brother in cold blood. When there was a Trump rally and a black disrupted it, on his way to being escorted out an old racist white man jawed him. In court that black man hugged and forgave him too. This mentality of undeserved forgiveness is pathetic.

    The fking murderer of your brother doesn’t deserve ANY jail time??? At some point forgiveness crosses over into stupidity.

  12. Idk how he could hug her… Or forgive her. He has an amazing soul. Far better human than I.

  13. Forgiveness is key to breakthrough! If you don’t forgive you are a prisoner to hatred and bitterness!

    This young man gets it! He also understands the need for Christ! Jesus is the gateway to heaven folks!

  14. It’s sad that his own brother can turn in love and forgive her mistake but yet the rest of the world of strangers to this man boils in anger. Smh.

  15. This was the turning point. This is where the jury got weak.

  16. I'm just gonna be honest: this makes me cry… 😥😥😥 That man didn't deserve to die. I don't even think this woman is racist. I hope both families find some sort of respite and/or peace of mind. I don't wish harm on anybody. 😥😥

  17. She's still a blessed, lucky girl!!!.

  18. If she was black on white men then life that how the court system works in this country

  19. Its not give your life to Chirst Jesus !
    ITS BELIEVE : JOHN 3:15, 16, 17 ,18

  20. If she was black then life

  21. He's a bigger person than I'd EVER be

  22. MURDERER. This was a JOKE crying and hugs are you serious and 10 years she will be out before she is 36 for MURDER. If that was my family I would HAUNT them 👻 👻👻 👻

  23. Zero dollars? Regular people get cheated out of thousands of dollars of restitution and way more time. Lady liberty is literally blind.

  24. I never heard her apologize to his family, and never heard her family apologize and express sympathies. Even after seeing her racist text messages. Wow this is twilight zone territory.

  25. This is sick. Typical black christian. We don't learn. And the media always puts these forgiving weak black men on headlines. They've been doing this media stunt since the mid 1900s

  26. Just ban guns America. Problem solved.

  27. This young man is among the best of our human race.

  28. This gave me chills !!! Wish the whole world was like this

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