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Botham Jean’s brother reacts to courtroom hug response l ABC News

Brandt Jean speaks live on “Good Morning America” about his forgiving speech to Amber Guyger, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing his brother.

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  1. The brainwash of religion which was created by the evil to control the rest sadly still exists far beyond the days of slavery which it was created for! I'm so sick with this!!!

  2. What an exceptionally kind, mature & compassionate young man, Bothams brother Brandon is. If only the world had more people like him, it would be a much better place. He's been brought up so well. Bless him & his family and take care of Amber whilst she is in prison.

  3. Amber never apologized from her heart ❤️ she never even pled guilty.

  4. Why didn’t they drug test the cop and why after he was dead they made him look bad by saying he had weed in the apartment she killed him on purpose she shot him twice she’s a killer!!!!!The time given to this lady was too little time she showed no remorse ….

  5. It ain't hard to tell Brandt has a hard on for white chicks.. Man I wish we could peer into another parallel reality where Guyger has melanated skin and I guarantee you Brandt wouldn't BE BEGGING the judge can I hug her!? Please? PLEASE!!! PLEEAAASE! Matter of fact he woulda long jumped across that court room to kick the black guyger where it hurts.. Is Brandt married or has a girl? I don't know but I put a milli on it right now she's white if not this guy gonna marry a white girl, mark my words.

  6. This young man has been touched by the spirit of God. The only job we have is to forgive to set our souls free. I learned this from him. I'm nearly 3 times his age and this 18 year old taught me the most valuable lesson in life. He set his soul free from hate and a lifetime of destruction due to it. I commend his obedience to the word of God. Vengeance is mine says the lord. May his family be comforted and may his dearly beloved brother Rest In Paradise…

  7. In this country our people been getting the bad end of the stick and a raw deal and black America watched this trial from a far .. This was bigger than bothem family this was for all the black people that gotten messed over and our ancestors … The hug from the brother and the judge was disrespectful to us the sister playing in the murderer hair .. The giving of the Bible …and the forgiveness dont forget some white cop killed the witness ….. Why do we forgive when we allways being WRONGED .. All white folks in the commmets saying he a hero and a few lost black folks but this not a time for that you forgive in church not infront of BLACK AMERICA.

  8. Naw I'm straight,I will not be hugging up my enemy he got that"Massa is we sick"spirit he needs to come out that slave mentality.🙄

  9. Brandt Jean is the bravest of the brave. What courage to go against the grain of this world system and follow Jesus commands to love your enemies!

  10. The brother needs to grow a brain cell.

  11. Actually for those Christians that like to misrepresent my God in front of the unlearned, and making the unbelievers depise him because they think he is not fair: : Acquitting the guilty and condemning the righteous–both are detestable to Yehovah Proverbs 17v15 Modern English this basically means God hates it when evil people get away with crimes but innocent people severely punished for no good reason. Also you may think God is obligated to intervene but he does not because he respect boundaries of governments in general.He can do whatever he wants but he acts with discretion all the time. He is great in wisdom and in fairness. Death to the wicked.

  12. Everyone is missing the point. The ignorance in this comment section. Race has nothing to do with THIS. He is forgiving her for himself so he doesnt have to live with the anger and hate. So he can heal and focus on his family and remembering his brother who was also forgiving. He not condoning what she did.

  13. Why all the negative comments?? This young man is so incredibly kind & wise. I wouldn't be able to forgive someone who killed my loved one. He's a lot better person than me! God Bless you Brandt ❤

  14. This young man is amazing. I have so much admiration for him

  15. The Haitian cop that shot a white woman only got 12 years! Where’s that story?

  16. It seems he must suffer from a slight retardation.

  17. 10 years isn't enough I swear this is bs!!!

  18. Would like to know what he thinks about the murder of Joshua Brown. I watched the whole trial and I’m disgusted

  19. Absolutely disgusting smdh. Cowards die a thousand deaths. I don't forgive, EVER!!!

  20. "But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses."

  21. My honest opinion, I feel as if someone threaten him. When he spoke it sounded so rehearse. No way in his eyes, or ours that Amber accidentally killed this innocent man. It's so much more to this bs!! I feel as if the jurors, and the brother were threaten in this case. Whomever scared them made an example out of the key witness Joshua, if they were to have a change of heart an spoken

  22. This young man is a national hero, and a bigger man than I. God bless him and his family.

  23. I don't ever want to here from this moron ever again.

  24. Hes putting a show . Sad to see what ' wanting attention ' does to you… Forgiving is one thing , but walking up for a hug, especially after a 10yr sentence , is ridiculous and fake..

  25. You pray in secret to God not out upen for forgiving not out open. And God will reward you open ….

  26. Texas law allows you to use deadly force to protect property if you would be justified in using force, and you reasonably believe it is immediately necessary to prevent the imminent commission of specific enumerated property crimes.

    So she thought she was murdering him legally and is probably only sorry that it wasn't her own home.

  27. He should have never touched that bitch… Blk ppl are too fucking forgiving, she didn't give a fuck about you, so why give a fuck about her. He should have stabbed that bitch in her back 😲

  28. The family should've donated Botham's spine and brain to the brother.
    Can he run into Joshua Browns family's arms like he flew into this racist murderers embrace??
    He's the type of embarrassment you just want to punch in the throat as hard as you can to stop him from talking because there just aren't words to describe how you feel about what he's saying

  29. What is with the pyramid on the shirt?

  30. This man is wise beyond his years and is doing a great work for the kingdom of God. Prayers for his family and hers too.

  31. I am My Brother's Keeper this couldn't be no one in my family I'm glad I ain't no kin to you

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