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Boxing Day Test 2017

Each year, on the day after Christmas, cricket purists make their pilgrimage to the MCG for the Boxing Day Test. Re-live the chaos and excitement of the crowd in 360 during the opening day that would lead to an Australian-England draw in 2017 here.


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  1. 🙂 Hey there! Great job on the video. Use FollowSM (dot) com!!! Since I started using it on my other channel I’m getting way more subscribers!

  2. will never forget that day, I was there

  3. Wooo. .what a view 😮😮😮that's was amazing

  4. One of the oldest and one of the most historic cricket grounds in the world and yet it doesn't even have a permanent pitch to play cricket what a shame

  5. That was awesome idea Well done cricket Australia
    Bring back the urn

  6. This is the only video in 360 ° ?

  7. I like the woman dancing @3:10

  8. Can you please upload more videos in 360 📷

  9. OMG 360 view,,, that was awesome.

  10. Ohhh 360!!!❤️❤️❤️

  11. Can you Pls post more Highlights videos for matches and players

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