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Boyfriend named person of interest in search for missing woman

Gabrielle Petito disappeared while on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, who authorities say is now a person of interest.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why didn’t she choose better?

  2. I hope the police find her body soon, her family deserves closure & more evidence to put this monster behind bars.

  3. That's bullshit! Of course he is of interest! He did something!

  4. You think? What genius made that pronoucement?

  5. He killed her…. Now find out how/why/where.

  6. Just lock him up and see how quickly he decides to talk. It's very obvious something happened, why would he hire a lawyer if nothing happened?

  7. The more that comes out, the more it seems like he did it. The fight they had & she was scared he would leave her. He must have threatened her. The witnesses saw them fighting over a phone & she was trying to get in the van thru the window so he locked her out of her van & took her phone. Also see on fox news' website about the "haunting Spotify playlist" they shared an account. After she was missing he plays some sick song about a badger rotting underground! Guys who seem too nice too perfect often are narcissists. Be careful ladies they are everywhere!

  8. Guilty PERIOD! If you care about someone and they are in danger you help get them home at any cost not hide behind a lawyer.

  9. This isn't a WHO DONE IT?? it's a HE DID IT NOW LET'S PROVE IT!!

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  11. im surprised he went home, they usually head for mexico

  12. We all know what happen to her 😢

  13. He pushed he off a cliff.

  14. It’s funny how he not locked up. That shows where your skin tone plays well for freedom still. They know darn well this man dis something to that woman. Ladies we have to stop trusting these men so fast.

  15. I live 10 minutes from north port and the people up there are mostly half wits and lost in time usually. I'm sure he set himself up for failure. But to be fair this story isn't on the news much down here it's more on the governor.

  16. Not only that but homie released a statement through his lawyer stating he wishes she’s reunited with her family. WHAT?!!?? You are her boyfriend. YOU were traveling with her. Like wtf?

  17. His parents are sheltering a criminal. The Casey Anthony method

  18. Authorities call him a Person of Interest..
    I called him a pathetic piece of human 🗑 trash.

  19. A YouTube personality? This has hoax written all over it. Internet people do the most for attention.

  20. At the very least he left her in the wilderness

  21. I think it is crazy how this became a nationwide search. People go missing all the time.

  22. Whiskey cures pneumonia and flu

  23. I thought he was a “person of interest” on day 1. Another video mentioned that this couple also crossed paths with Kyle Schulte and Crystal Turner? weird. Would love to see more coverage on this couple and the progress they are making on their deaths.

  24. Umm duh. This guy has not even attempted to explain how he was not with her when he got back home, he lawyered up real quick. This guy did it and planned this trip to get rid of her. He definitely seems like a sociopath.

  25. Everybody blaming this poor guy. Who knows what the woman did or was capable of. I swear she cheated on the road and he left her where she cheated.

  26. Quick, get the dateline crew assembled. Pretty white girl is missing, who was " bright, energetic, and seemed to have it all" 🙄🙄 ….oh and kind to animals and was about to graduate with honors from Yellowstone university online.

  27. Nation-wide search?! Why is SHE so important? Wrong answers only.

  28. It was him. How tf do you let your significant other just go missing without you know where she went. He killed her

  29. One minor thing that is good-he didn't do this here in NY (I live in same county as her folks on Long Island). No death penalty since 2004…although Utah technically has it, and fed law applies here as well.

  30. The stupid cops should not have dismissed the boyfriend for days. Freakin Idiots

  31. This Laundrie fella is dirty

  32. People say they hate cheaters, but I GUARANTEE those same people would rather be cheated on or dumped than be murdered

  33. The boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse always is.

  34. Thanks for telling us what we already knew

  35. He pushed her off the cliff and waited a few days until the animals make the body "disappear" and then drove home (in her van!) like nothing happened! Let's see what his sob story gonna be?

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