Saturday , July 24 2021
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Brazil rejects $20M in aid for Amazon

FBN’s Ashley Webster on Brazil rejecting the $20 million in aid from the G7 to help deal with the Amazon fires.

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  1. 😂😂😂Phk Macron and his Global team. Them and the AmeriKKKa will burn

  2. Blessed is he considers the poor Jesus said and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖📖📖✝️💯🙂

  3. The privatization is the reason for the fires. Looks like a case of, "if we can't have it, no one will ".

  4. From what people actually LIVING IN BRAZIL are saying… The media is blowing this wayyyy out of proportion… SO MEDIA how bout that EPSTEIN THING?

  5. Because if they except it that would be fraud, these fires are set every year to clear land for farming

  6. The Brazilian president is incompetent. He is a petty loser who holds his country's safety ransom over personal slights. This whole episode with him and Macron's wife is probably the least classy thing I've ever seen a head of state do.

  7. Good for Brazil! I'm taking my tourist dollars there, not to EU.

  8. Good for Brazil. It’s nice to see countries take pride in themselves instead of handouts to sway how they feel

  9. Was it not enough?

    Do they need more?

    What can be done?

  10. You have pieces of your chess board you must protect. Brazil you lost

  11. Bolsonaro say no to NWO good for him and his people

  12. Not gonna lie, when I saw the title for this clip I seriously thought the country of Brazil was refusing the money to help out a branch of the Amazon website. I'd literally forgotten Brazil was where the Amazon rainforest even was.

  13. Macron is nothing more than a little pip squeak

  14. Good job Bolsonaro and God bless you

  15. Jeff Bezzzzzzzos has plenty of money.  $20 m is pocket change

  16. If you take the money, you are owned!
    They don't tell you that in fantasy land, (sorry, public schools).
    They also didn't tell ya that the U.S. has been owned since the founding and just ended it's 3rd and final bankruptcy in 1999, but our prior owners aren't letting us in on that little tid bit of information. They are still milking us for all they can get. tax slaves exist people

  17. 2nd best show in Fox Business . Dobbs # 1 and # 2 Varney. Bolsonaro the Trump of Brazil . Down with the EU!!

  18. I applaud their unwillingness to accept a handout, because every time the Chickens scream, the Foxes come running, but not to help.

  19. 20 millions of dollars from the 7 richest countries in the World, is a joke

  20. Brazil will annex French Guyana

  21. Why would he keep the funds for a apologies? He's a selfish little cry baby shame on him ! Get rid of him! Sad excuse for a man

  22. Kudos to Brazil President for not accepting the money – and reducing size of his country's public ownership of business/capital. More power to the people.

  23. Bolsonaro standing his ground against Macron Good!
    Meu Pardito E O Brasil 🙏😎

  24. Good job Brazil, they are only trying to buy your love and loyalty. This fire is on temporary like the previous ones you had, you don't need no ones help.

  25. Fuch off Macron, you little crumb cake.

  26. This is probably the dumbest comments section I've ever seen. "Massive Amazon fires are normal", "Climate change is a hoax". Could you be a more brainwashed waste of space?

  27. We're fine, thanks!!
    And its all lies and/or criminal fires from leftist NGOs that aren't getting money anymore!

  28. You do know …..they(Brazil, and other tropical countries) control burn to clear farming and future construction areas every year, before the rainy season.

  29. Macron wants to help fight fires in Brazil??? Really??? He was incompetent when Notre Dame burned down. It sure took awhile for response.

  30. The jungle was here before us and it will survive long after… let Brazil handle their business!

  31. Brazil sounds like they're going somewhere.

  32. $20 Mil for Brazil 🇧🇷 is nothing. And the country is already a lot richer than in the past. The World has changed. They're right to want to maintain their dignity and Independence.

    But we need to convince them to NOT cut the forest because it will be bad for the whole planet. But then we will be talking about TRILLION💲.

  33. Brasil is not the kind of country that needs charity (9th power in the world). That's the money that Brasil is probably already spending daily to put out the fires.

  34. Macron and merkel are deepstate agents …Brazil is doing the right thing not accepting… better not to owe to the deepstate….just sayin' 😎🙌💖

  35. Bolsenaro is doing great things for Brazil. It’s not a poor country and their people are really proud. Good for them turning away these shady favors.

    One thing you quickly learn in the private market as a capitalist, never take money from people begging you to take it from them.

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