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Brazil rejects G-7 money to fight Amazon wildfires l ABC News

After facing criticism, Brazil has begun to deploy 44,000 troops and C-130 water tankers to fight the fires.

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  1. They don't want money the land is gonna clear it self. ready to make money. McDonald's auto zones Ford dealer ship the usual suspects. Hee Hee.👌👌👌😭😭😭😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  2. It's time to bring the proposal to the only man who faught the California wild 🔥 former Governor of California and the Terminator S.O.S. Arnold help Paulista and Brazil and remember Maximilian was in love with Amalia from Maderia Portugal's island the line.of Don Pedro's who's portrait still remains at Miramare his 🏰 by the Sea. AEIOU " Austria is Destin to Rule the world" Save Don Pedro's Domain!💥🦎🐛🌴🌳🦗🐞🌱🌎🌧️🌨️🌩️💧☄️🔥🔥☄️💧🇦🇹🇧🇷🇺🇸🇻🇦🇻🇮🇵🇹🇨🇰

  3. Imagine a sloth crawling through this 💔

  4. We ain’t raiding Area 51 anymore we raiding the amazon forest with the water guns and the bois

  5. Ban all Brazilian meat and crops

  6. So we are being told that they can't get through the dense jungle. Helicopters with buckets dump 10s of thousands of gallons of water on California. Without having the LARGEST RIVER ON THE PLANET RIGHT NEXT TO THE FIRE! But I digress. Must be something else's fault. Probably mine for not buying an electric car.

  7. Brazilians are very bad, this is the punishment God gave them.

  8. The world is coming to an end ,, soon we would have to buy air

  9. It time for people to extinct 😀

  10. Is someone want to adopt 500 pounds
    And 30 fr anaconda snake 🐍????lol

  11. Put amazon forest as ur kahoot name for when you have a streak it said amazon forest is on fire

  12. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord will deliver them out of them all Who trust in him Jesus said and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖📖📖✝️💯🙂

  13. Boycott Brazilian beef and soybeans products.

  14. Jist send Trump there, he is the CHOSEN one. lol

  15. Anyone wants to create a forest in sahara dessert?ive seen china doing it in their dessert.

  16. Disrespecting the Nature, they will be killed by God! #PrayForAmazon 🙏

  17. EDGE ALERT— Aight, Imma be honest, I really am glad that humanity is going to die out completely in less than 20 years, because people so far have only brought suffering upon each other with these wars, racism, and such, and on the world with the extreme hunting of animals, forest fires, and by destroying animals' natural habitats, just for the sake of food production (which btw is the main source of greenhouse gasses), that said if YOU do care about all this, then instead of just sitting here spamming crying emjois, go join a fucking protest, or send money at least, if you are not going to, then shut the fuck up and don't be a hypocrite

  18. They need water wtf Na money people burning it smh

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