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Brazil's air force deployed tankers to drop water on the Amazon as it burns

Villagers in the area are helping to stop the fire by dousing hotspots with buckets.


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  2. Stupid Brazillian president evil

  3. In the Amazon, loggers rip off the big bucks, and then the ranchers and farmers clear, burn and deplete the soil which is already the poorest and most infertile in the world. When one cuts down the forest, it is irretrievably lost. The humus layer is all too soon washed out. Hence, the evil of destroying the Amazon rainforest will have been exponentially increased.
    Buying beef or timber that originated in the Amazon is irresponsible.

  4. Brazil and Bolsonaro… you fucking stupid Bastards..!!!…Shame on you…!!!

  5. Fuck corrupt brazil everyone should intervene to stop what their farmers started

  6. There is something wrong here… European Union pledges 30 million to help fight the fire… Thanks..but for the Notre Dame fire.. Europe pledges 1 billion.for the Notre Dame fire in Paris… Europe cares that much for the environment Just help Evo morales he is doing more than any of the other countries affected by the fire.. Evo is in negotiations to buy a new supertanker.. That is probably 400 million?

  7. Brazil needs to let the president be fired

  8. Easy folks; we're not running out of oxygen soon 😈

  9. I bet farmers are still burning shit down, fucking idiots

  10. Most of these fires are on open fields and on farm land. Not in the rain forest. This is a normal thing for them to do every year. It also happens in Africa. Fake news.

  11. This is what makes America greAt …but more efforts are needed and FUCK the Brazilian government…The Amazon is for all human beings doesn't matter where it is…C'MON world let's get these fires out…#Donald trump.

  12. Why is the reporter just there? Getting a great shot of himself with a rainforest fore right behind small enough for a man to put out .. But they are just there for the story

  13. The Amazon is Amazing STOP it from blazing!!

  14. Gosh somebody just kill that idiot and place somebody smart in his place.

  15. What happened to the world leaders now? Personal over matters of human existence. So.much pride with the brazilian president.

  16. Let's save our planet together

  17. The Brazilians are the ones burning it the government is allowing it to be destroyed open up your fucking eyes this is our one and only world

  18. Wildfires? Stop lying about this fire. Ask brazils dumbass retarded new president that added a new stupid law letting farmers legally burn crops. For more building space.

  19. Calling for CEO of AMAZON COMPANY #1 richest in the world. I hope you already help to stop the Amazon Fire.

  20. They are called fire swatters

  21. Instead of putting the fire out, these dumbasses are recording in front of it

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