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Brazil’s president threatens to send troops to burning Amazon

More than 76,000 fires have ignited in Brazil since the crisis began and the majority are believed to have been set by farmers clearing land.


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  1. Brazil needs to be f*cking economically isolated. This sh*t is a serious detriment to human decency & competence. I'm actually convinced that unless Brazil is so isolated that they lose funds, their incompetent government will not do sh*t about this disaster. Just like South Africa with Apartheid, we must show Brazil we mean business.

  2. Starting a fire with no way to stop it is just dumb , especially coming from the PRESIDENT of a country giving the “ok” signal , Brazil should vote another president that can stop these fires

  3. This is all the work of Blackstone, with Trumps help!

  4. Global Warming now the Oxygen?

  5. I can't understand this, why are the world looking at us if thoose wildfires happen every year, mainly in the month of August. Thoose wildfire of this year is far from breaking a record

  6. Hey GRINGOS the amazon is ours Brazil & 9 other countries in South America…
    Fake news, 20% of oxygen lol its 6% oxygen.. Macron said its his home the Amazon LOL.. PLEASE he wants our gold, diamonds and etc… The smoke in Sao Paulo wasnt from the Amazon, what the fuck… Fake news, shame ABC…

  7. What irritates me the most, is that these wildfires are caused by greedy farmers who don't care about the forest and only want money, Brazil should protect Amazon and should not let farmers destroy it…

  8. Doesn't matter if the Amazon burns. Life will go on. Might not be a lot of humans, but life will go on.

  9. Not 20% your fool and I'll litrate

  10. if macron says it i dont believe it – have we got a climate conference coming or something? is this a setup for another world government push by the various rothschild stooges?

  11. UN should do something. At least send some observers. This should be all over the news.

  12. Pode vim Macron filho da puta!! Guerra na selva te espera🐯

  13. Why this stupid president arrest this fucking farmers..

  14. We the people are gonna be the reason that we go extinct


  16. Stay strong Brazil powerful people are trying to overthrow your gouvernment!!!!

  17. CEO off blackstone is burning those lands trumps right hand men

  18. brazilaian president is the worst human being and leader.

  19. It's not impossible to save our Earth it's just that humans care more about money.

  20. I hate him he should regret its

  21. Eurocuckland throws tons of highly poisoning garbage in Africa and destroyed huge parts of natural forests in their former colonies. All this talk about "save amazon" is just an excuse to spread European neo-colonialism in the Americas. BUt the european cucks wouldn´t dare with the USA on our side.

  22. AHAHAH TALKING ABOUT UTERMOST BULLSHIT… As yu may guess, I'm from Brazil. Guy One tip with everything quantified: "Midia is (on this case above the average) making you as catle). Bolsonaro is near 70% aproved, is a great man and all that steriotype bullshit is the world in desperation trying to cause noise on THE REAL REASON WHY BOLSONARO SENT TROPS TO AMAZON. "To investigate what hundres of international organizations ONGS, are trully doing there. The indians, wnat labor, themselves burn parts of the florest (when it does not self combust itself from vulcanism and other factrs. Numbers are lower than past years. PT was debunked, our governments corruption is licking out by our hand and FRANCE is terified as fuck. Even more Brasilians are not known for being bad hosts, all my president stated is: AMAZON IS OURS! Form that point on, we discuss… Its the same thing that cause France the necessity to reensure "Paris" is ours. It cannot be tolerated to be spoken out loud by the expectation that the non-retaliation to the raized possibility itself (to crete the pseudo permition to wherever). As anyone would understand everyone is welcomed to Brazil, no terrorism, no crises, no ideology, THOUGH: You do not dare into my house. Cear and as simple as that. So I ask anyone who does not feel an impetuous on deliberatlly feeding depravation in order to watch their secret actions fruits upcloselly from within a camouflage of intelectuality. To take a few moments and watch the Brasilian videos of amazonia those days. I will not spell check my bad speling to contrast with the fact that Brasilian videos would be in portuguese. And any pseudo anything that suffers from but raging from my incorrect spelling, COULD SPEAK PORTUGUESE. and those who cause gains our country put over themsevels the UTERMOST NECESSITY TO BE FLUENT AT IT. So opinions on our nation and do not even speak our language? What kind of circus it's this? "Social Circus!" By the law of silence the coward sounds big.

  23. It’s not 20% of the worlds air supply. Stop saying that.

  24. Fuck off this Brazilian president…he doesn't care about our future…fucking ass hole Brazilian president

  25. you still don't really know how much the tears and pain of animals and birds they suffered by this fire in amazon forest

  26. Burning amazon just to get rich? No no no.. You have nothing to do with it when ur rich, once its all destroyed and humans die and also you, whats the use of the money, see? Waste of LIFE!

    (sorry for my bad english ;-;)

  27. Welcome to the end of the world boys

  28. It actuslly produses 6% of the worlds oxygen

  29. This idiot worry’s more about his ego.

  30. The president is part of the group that caused this. Dont be fooled. The president sope to the group that is known to have done this days before the fire started.. discussing how they need space for the money thats coming to their countries. (Billionaires)

  31. Farmers need to be educated cause they are uneducated


  33. the fück is wrong with this people,
    they're destroying
    the amazon to build houses
    to make more money?
    what the hell is wrong with u
    this president is trash
    if the amazon is gone
    and the smoke will spread
    u will regret destroying amazon

    this president make's wrong decisions
    and does'nt think
    the coincidence🖕🏻

  34. President of Brasil should be beaten from a inch of his life. Any rancher that invade the affected areas should be arrested on sight.

  35. Every like equals a new hope of living 😭

  36. Macron is crazy! the Amazon has been through worse burns, everything is already under control! Brazil doesn't need an idiot like Macron saying what to do! The Amazon is ours and always will be! If Macron wants a war, let him try his luck, Let's see how he deals with the best forestry soldiers in the world!

  37. is not your fucking house!? But is my, get over Macron and the world. You're all full of shit and liars.😠

  38. Tang inang President ng brazil fuck you president Brazil Tang ina mo gago mamatay kana president ng Brazil Tang ina mo gago yang na yung 20%na oxygen sa earth nireject mopa napakagagong president ng Brazil tanga tanga bobo anguta gago ka fuck you president Brazil hoy president ng Brazil subtukan tayo gago ka Kung nakita mo dito comment ko presidenteng gago na yung Brazilian translate mo ito gago ka fuck you bitch bitch bat banaman kasi binoto yung gagong President ng brazilian nayan gagong tao yan ehh 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿🤣👿👿🤣🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿👿👿

  39. Fuck you bad president basthard


  41. easy, US and france should build their own trees, stop blame brazil, they need to suvive while you are already rich

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