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Breaking: 5 dead, several injured in mass shooting in Texas

The incident stretched from Midland to Odessa, and authorities have confirmed that the gunman was shot and killed. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2ZGZOZx

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  1. At least the shooter was shot and killed

  2. It's stupid. Leaders of America say it's "a mental problem".
    These people who have a "mental problem" are only able to do these things because they have access to guns, one idiot gets butt hurt and decides to end their life and take others with them. Yes we should have the right to protect ourselves, but how many more women, men and children have to die before we realise its taking more lives than protecting them.

    Compared to the guy in Australia, Sydney that went running around the road with a knife and stabbing people, he wasn't able to harm many people because guns take lives faster. And he was only taken down because many people can unarm a man with a knife than a man with a gun.

    The only people with a serious mental problem are the people that still want guns, and the leaders that choose to allow this to happen AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    If anyone feels the need to argue with me then fine, because you have freedom of speech. But it doesn't stop you looking like a dumb shit that cares only for weapons.👍

  3. its scientifically proben every 2 weeks a mass shooting happens each of thoes weeks the president still does nothing.

  4. Prohibition of weapons! Prohibition of weapons! Only the ban.

  5. Another unhinged pencil dick neanderthug doing what they do best… KILLING…. Watch his fellow cave dwellers come under my comment to deflect by talking about inner city violence. 🙄🙄

  6. Once again another mass shooting and once again the warning signs were there before it happened and the people who saw the warning signs didn't think to tell the authorities about it!

  7. And what % of all these mass shootings are, young white males?

  8. Death is an easy way out for these mass shooters. They need to be tortured.

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    Breaking: 5 dead, several injured in mass shooting in Texas

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  10. I love god thats why im glad all you people are getting shot to death.

  11. It makes my dick hard when i hear about innocent people getting their heads shot off by a random gunman hahahahahaha fuck all of you people scream and die bitches i love timothy MCVEIGH and columbine mixed together like a bowl full of demons poisoning the children of earth

  12. Im glad many people are getting killed im so happy to hear the lives lost to this gunman we need more guns and more and more shootings

  13. Hahaha all you people are going to be shot dead one day hahaha welcome to america my country i love america

  14. Good im glad all you people are getting killed fuck all of you

  15. Ima put y’all on real quik if you wanna know why tf all these shooting keep happening look up Moeotham and Sospiritual, that’s all ima say.

  16. Fuck the president..hahahahhaahhahahhahah

  17. Welcome to America were we solve our shit with prayers thoughs and more guns ofcourse!

  18. Instead of banning guns we should ban liberalism.

  19. America the home of mass shooting and harricanes while they say Africa is dangerous…who's the shithole now?

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