BREAKING: Classified documents found at Mike Pence's home

Classified documents have been found at former Vice President Mike Pence’s Indiana home according to two letters NBC News has obtained from his legal team to the National Archives. NBC’s Monica Alba reports.
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  1. When can we schedule the search of the Clinton’s house?

  2. So easy! Pence also wanted to copy like Biden. Fron Vice president position to Mr. President!
    Power! Magic of power 🔋that everyone wants to get it 🗽

  3. Documents and everything are about how gau you whiteys are

  4. It's time for the FBI to check Amaz & all the other big on-line vendors to see which House, Senate, former & current Adminstration members, and other former Cabinet members have recently purchased High Quality SHREDDERS.

  5. Search bush Jr and the clintons while they are at it.

  6. President Trump as president was the only one who was legally allowed to declassify and have those items. Pence and Biden were not allowed! They were vice presidents and did not have that option therefore committed illegal acts. Four boxes… a few items? Wow…reality please!

  7. Sometimes, politics is fun to watch.

  8. Well, I was cleaning out my garage today and sure enough: Classified Documents were in my tackle box next to my fishing lures. Then I found some in my glove box in the truck, and in my kitchen junk drawer there were those pesky Russian nuclear launch codes. Tomorrow I have to dust and God only knows what I will find.

  9. There going to be amnesty for all the former presidents and vice presidents, senators and other political leaders to voluntary return any classified document in their possession🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 from criminal's case to amnesty, Trump cannot be prosecuted anymore, other politicians also has classified documents, even with trump's wrong intention for obstructions, the Doj will loss the case in the supreme court

  10. Hillary is the only one who knows how to handle secret documents, she destroys them.

  11. so whats the problem with these government officials having classified documents? isnt that their jobs so they can make important decisions? no wonder why nothing gets done in the us unless politicians can take documents home

  12. Since Pense could run for president, the DOJ ought to assign a special counsel for him too. What the heck.

  13. I'm going to check my attic later just in case. You never know!

  14. Difference is Trump lied over and over refusing to return these documents and

    others did not.

  15. The FBI should search every congressional/vice presidential home for classified documents. If biden has classified documents from his time in congress (begun 50 years ago), the logical step is to search everyone at this point. Then…put some stronger controls on the darn things….like hard copies fade to nothing after a month.

  16. Mike Pence is a traitor

  17. It started with Hilary getting a free pass on what was a worse offense. A State Department report summarizing an administrative review of the handling of classified information by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for government business, found 38 individuals at fault and more than 500 security violations, from the 30,000 emails that the State Department was able to physically review. She and those involved got a free pass. There's special rules for these people when any one else who was a government emotional or contractor would be thrown in prison. I am sure that the issue is rampant in DC among these people!

  18. The Classified document problem seems to come because of a lack of clear regulations in the transitions, during office holding, and because FOX won’t mention that their VP has documents he obviously didn’t know about. So the agencies in charge of documents may have to do a lot better job of tracking and recording document locations.

  19. BS every POTUS and VP house needs searched. WH records apparently are not coded with magnetic tab to coincide with document journal. Citizens should not feel comfortable with this sloppiness in record keeping.

  20. But he cooperated and returned then immediately just like Biden did so there's no wrongdoing here.

  21. I'm glad the black president never did anything this low!🖤🖤🖤

  22. Looks like they are doing a sweep. Next up Obama, Hillary, Billy, Jimmy, etc..

  23. I also have some classified documents in my garage. Everyone has classified documents. Big deal.

  24. American presidents need classes on how to organize and clean your house 🤣🤣🤣

  25. My local Denny's is more careful with their lunch menus than the National Archives 🤨

  26. Might as well check all their homes . Clinton, Bush, Obama etc

  27. Media STOP LYING p.trump was allowed to have his Declassified documents that he alone the commander in chief the ultimate authority is the only one that could classify or declassify anything he wanted to and he kept them in secure rooms with secret service protecting them,. The raid was just another WITCH HUNT just like the Russian collusion hoax, Ukraine hoax, impeachment hoaxes, Mueller witch hunt, perfect phone call hoax, jussie Smollett hoax, maralogo witch hunt on and on.