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Breaking down defense witness testimony

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd discusses the impact of the defense team’s latest witness in the final days of the Derek Chauvin trial.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. The apartheid doctor's vehicle exhaust theory was pure horseshit because…

    George Floyd's carbon monoxide level was measured. It was in the normal range.

    The court refused to have it entered into evidence because that would have been "prejudicial to the defendant."

  2. ABC = Always Broadcasting Crap

  3. This "doc" …uninvolved, retired (out of date), and likely paid to say whatever the defense wanted… this man should be investigated… what a sham!

  4. Disreputable defense testimony in an attempt to dodge the raindrops.

  5. This sounds like BS in that there was no carbon monoxide found in his system.
    Stop being pissy about dotted i’s and crossed t’s.
    That is not news. As you said , “common sense.”

  6. Lmao he's going to be released

  7. Sounds like 5 people are responsible for George Floyd’s death Johnson and Johnson, Henry Ford , little Debbie and Ronald McDonald .

  8. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    Extremism in the US police may be why US troops are still training to be Nazis in Germany 76 years after WWII.

    You can't blame China, Russia or Iran for this. 137 mass shootings in 103 days. Mistaking a taser for gun?

    Looting and burning isn't BLM or Antifa. It is thieving Americans from both the left and the right. When was America great?

  9. All this experts are full of it.
    No one has ask, if Mr. Floyd was inside of the patrol car asking for help, why no one called the ambulance for him?

  10. The prosecution broke down his theory pretty easily.

  11. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  12. All you need is for ONE hidden white supremacist/kkk/neo nazi/ethnonationalist to be on the jury.
    For them to be screwed

  13. if this man gets away with murder this country will go to war with itself.

  14. It’s really too bad that the state hasn’t been able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt, their case against the police officer. Clearly, you can’t ROB WOMAN AT GUN POINT, and not expect to pay for it in one form or another. In the Floyd case, it looks like it cost him his life. Karma always wins!!

  15. My Kurdish,🙏🕊💐and Arabic music channel. Thank you🙏💐💐

  16. What about the one juror with the trump bumper sticker 🤔

  17. Does it really matter when dumb life splatter

  18. That state will burn down in flames if they let that dude free our Brothers and sister are feed up with the racial profiling every day we will rise up and end the police immunity system it was made to beat up and killed the black men in humans right protest in Mississippi in the 1900 so the police wouldn’t be prosecuted by the state in case on humans right violations that why police cannot be hold accountable if they kill u or violate ur rights

  19. Reasonable doubt has already been shown. At best this is manslaughter.
    You are blatantly distorting this story. This I have no doubt of

  20. Why do I have a feeling that this medical examiner took bribe from the defence 🧐🧐🧐

  21. Public Civil Warning: Police Rioting Against Their Own Truth.

    The People Need to Proceed with Caution. Please.

  22. If he's found not guilty, there will be riots. If found guilty, still riots, because it's basically allowed now without criticism or consequences unless you take selfies in Nancy's chair.

  23. Eric Nelson and Chauvin are up against the A-Team from the prosecution’s legal team

  24. Her name is Ashli Babbit.Her killer is not charged.

  25. So what does a dumb cop mistaking her gun for a taser have anything significant to do with this case of a cop holding someone down untill hes lifeless?

  26. ABC jumping like baboons hoping for a conviction how much Kickback do they get💰 for their biased annihilation??? Worst weapon of mass destruction is the mass media👿

  27. I'm tempted to point out that all the blood that will be spilt from the soon to come riots are going to be on the hands of the msm, but in all honestly, I'm sure they don't gaf. 😒

  28. THREE TIMES the lethal amount of fentanyl in his system (likely more w/ the metabolites found), meth in his system, COVID, and a 90% blocked artery. But being a little uncomfortable for a few minutes, THAT'S what killed him.

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