BREAKING: Elizabeth Holmes Found Guilty On Four Counts Of Fraud

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of four federal fraud charges Monday and acquitted on four others while a jury deadlocked on the three remaining charges after months of trial. NBC News’ Ben Popken breaks down the verdict. 
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  1. She had better explain to her daughter early how she is directly responsible for Dr Gibbons’ death. Otherwise it will be a real shock when we make her aware.

  2. If she is so bright, how could she believe that she could get away with this in the medium or long term ? It was just a question of time before it became obvious that she could not deliver.

  3. She’s a registered Democrat too. Not shocked

  4. Well every Scam today Num.1 Came from India and Her COO are surely came from there.

  5. One day soon someone is going to invent something similar to what she was trying to do. Once the technology is there. I also think that the medical field would have lost millions of dollars with her idea, and I wonder if this is somehow why it wasn’t successful.

  6. Her investors are so stupid they deserve to be in jail with her.

  7. Is she finally going to prison or what???

  8. "I was abused by my boyfriend and not responsible" – says every woman whose done anything wrong, always.

  9. Shes a billionare, she can pay the system to lower her charge. Simple as that.

  10. The American Justice System: "Tech CEO found guilty of defrauding a billion dollars. May face 5 to 10 years in jail!"
    "Teenage black boy arrested with small amount of weed. May face 10 to 15 years in jail."

  11. All themselves let's go even back and success let's go. You building people never happened let's go. Was always

  12. She's a fraud just like the media! She should already be in prison!

  13. Gee,,I really hope she gets signigicant jail time! She hurt alot of people!

  14. That's why I have been calling it Sell-A-Con Valley for the longest time. Time for this to go mainstream. People need to wake up. Bunch of rich fools getting duped all the time due to being blinded by greed. Pumping so much money into something with absolutely no proof at all of working. Just because they heard Stanford and prodigy and breakthrough they went all in.

  15. Her eyes are normal now 😁

  16. What am I missing – she was convicted on 4 counts whereas Sunny is guilty on ALL 12 counts?
    Hold on, SHE was the face of the company – it was SHE who invented the machine which she knew would not work. It was SHE who brought in the money, the investments & kept up running the tests knowing full well that they were wrong!
    But she is less guilty than Sunny – the no.2 guy? The No.1 person gets less sentencing?
    A case of white privilege? She is white, young, beautiful whereas he is short, dark-skinned, older and not so good-looking and so he gets railroaded?

  17. This is America my friends! Money talks… People are just a middle to get that money, 3 world country, don't get iluded.

  18. When she was a child she said she wanted to be the first female billionaire, that spoke volumes to me on how she was raised.

  19. She got pregnant deliberately so the jury would have more sympathy for her . I feel sorry her child

  20. "mislead investors" that's the biggest issue

  21. I doubt she’ll spent one second in jail.

  22. She looks different all the time. Or she photoshopped one photo and the rest is reality.

  23. Disgusting. Stanford Law School Professor Robert Weisberg states: "A 20-year max per count with a near certainty of concurrent sentences would mean 20 years in theory. Not a chance of that. The federal guidelines are a complex mix of formulas and residual judicial discretion. Yes, a vast amount of money (in effect) was stolen, but she has no priors and some sympathy-compelling personal circumstances. So, the safest (hence very vague) guess is that she’ll serve a few years. Maybe very few. The judge might decide that the deterrent signal sent by the public seeing her go off to prison is much more important than the length of the sentence."

    SHE COULD HAVE KILLED PEOPLE HAD THIS CONTINUED. I hope patients file civil suits.

  24. The only good news in this story is that a bunch of rich, greedy people lost a lot of money. Of course, losing $100 million to them is like me losing $1.00. But still………… Can we send her to GITMO please?

  25. Ben stop drinking man dayum

  26. I never liked her from day one !!

    Greed breeds the Greed. I am glad all greedy suckers lost money. What’s sad is people got fake blood test for HIV and terminal illness .

    She should be given Lethal injection along with President of the company !! They played with people’s health . Put them 6 ft below ground ! We don’t need to waste tax payers money!

    I am glad and happy ALL A$$ investors wiped out !! Excellent!!

    What do you think China 🇨🇳 will do to her if she played with Govt!!