BREAKING: Second Chinese ‘surveillance balloon’ discovered over Latin America, Pentagon says

The suspected Chinese spy balloon is on the move over the continental U.S., flying near U.S. military assets along the way. NBC News’ Courtney Kube has the latest on the balloon discovery.

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  1. If this "weather" ballon is also shot down, they probably would just order another one from TEMU or Amazon for more. Also how high this ballon flew over? There is difference between airspace and outerspace depending on height of flight.

  2. Really, there’s not much debris. A poor excuse. How much damage can Egg rolls cause.

  3. Could it be precursors for the blob that eventually lands only to devour people. Do they contain new strains of the Corona virus released when you shoot it down?

  4. The US military shot down this balloon early this AM.
    I wish they would take all the TV's out of the white house so our Presidents

    can't be provoked into doing something stupid by the fools at the cable news networks.

    Cable news networks have been giving this nothing burger, nonstop coverage the

    last few days because the coverage of misplaced classified documents and the

    subsequent raids have become incredibly boring to most viewers with a brain.

    The US and China are constantly spying on each other and this balloon just happened

    to be flying a little lower than normal. Who cares. The BBC also reported 2 days ago

    that we are on the verge of reopening our navy bases in the Philippines that were closed

    in the 1990's to deter China from stealing any more Philippine territory.

    I predict that China will retaliate in some way and hopefully that wont be by bringing

    down any of our "communications" satellites. The world is heading for a very bad place in my opinion.

    WRZ 2023-02-04

  5. That other balloon flies through the Philippines last month…


  7. Aren't we all going to die when Apophis arrives anyway?

  8. How does it get here in the first place our government and military failing America again gonna be another 9-11 and they just gonna let it happen they knew 9-11 was going to happen but did nothing

  9. It should've been brought down on the first sighting!

  10. this is getting rediculas , chineese arnt that stupid

  11. as if 😂😂😂😭😭

  12. I can go on Google earth and find anything this balloon can…right?

  13. These may not be Chinese weather balloons but rather alien. USAF 1947 used "weather balloon" as possible cover up for such. China is admitting limited claim but is reluctant elaborate any more than just a weather balloon off course. There are now 12 unconfirmed sightings world wide with only one other in south America as of early today, Feb, 4.

  14. Balloons are a method of deploying bio weapons. It has long been. China might just be showing they can get balloons over the US

  15. On sheeple bahhhlieve in the news😅😅😅😅

  16. Wake up people
    This was the fake ISS

  17. Beijing Biden on call to CCP: Hey this is the big guy, I'll wait till you get all you need then shoot it down over the water, BTW send your payment to Hunter

  18. Let's fly a surveillance balloon over China and see what happens.Gimme a break!!!

  19. Let's drift a dirty bomb next

  20. Way to go . What's next

  21. tyre was inside job, now balloon – distracting sheep from real news

  22. Are any of the governments in south america gonna shoot it down??

  23. China is clear and present danger to both Canada and the US

  24. Just fly a small drone into it. This thing is over the country. 🤷‍♂️ what’s the problem here

  25. We need an adult in the White House. Miss hearing how adults communicate with world leaders peacefully and truthfully including we the people.

  26. Nothing is "civilian" from China,

  27. The issue is they won't shoot it down because it will damage it they want it alive a few helicopters with a giant net would work.

  28. It seems like montana would have been a great place to shoot this thing down.

  29. This is hilarious just letting it float around the country 🤣🤣🤣

  30. It looks like the Death Star

  31. So if these "Spy balloons" came from Russia it would be an act of war.
    But since its Beijing Bidens financier its Meh.

  32. they just shot the one down on sc close to the pentagon and America is collecting it since on our soil.

  33. It is pretty lol that the majority of commenters jump to bioweapons and nukes rather than technology or radio which is infinitely more ubiquitous.

  34. So now they're claiming they've tracked it from Alaska to here this week? BS! This is the 3rd story change I've heard from MSM on the topic.

  35. China is good at balloons

  36. PRAY for CHINA 🇨🇳
    We must guard our territory 🙏🏼👍👍👍👍 GREAT magnanimous America
    We believe God
    We must be careful about
    But no need to damage it .👍
    When israelites had go go to wilderness to offer sacrifice leaving their children and wife at home cattles 🐐 🐄
    God said no one will touch them..
    So we believe God ❤️❤️❤️
    We respect someone or something come to our country
    Thank you Jesus
    Hallelujah ❤️