Monday , August 2 2021
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‘Breakthrough’ COVID cases hit the White House l WNT

Six Texas lawmakers and a fully vaccinated spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have tested positive for COVID-19 after interacting with the lawmakers in Washington, D.C.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Trump brought us the vaccines you a**hats

  2. Perhaps they shouldn't have been out galavanting around with the filibustering Texas Democrat Superspreaders, who used a private jet, while unmasked and without social distancing, to urge Democrats to end the filibuster, and stop voter integrity laws from being passed. Just saying.

  3. “Breakthrough “ 😂 “Delta Variant” 🤓

  4. So the vaccine works huh? All of these Dem clowns on that plane were vaccinated. That's all the proof you need folks!

  5. We take in people from Mexico, but we won't allow Cuban's who want to escape Communism into the US….hummm. So only if you promise to destroy America, refuse to work, and support Communism can you come into our country. Wake up…..

  6. The stupid shots don't work

  7. Republikkklans stop listening to your master he is as stupid as stupid is

  8. Two weeks ago was a good time.

  9. There's no way this could be the result of 6 infected Texas Democrats that fled to DC because they didn't want to do their job could it?

  10. Either get it, or don't but the world is moving on.

  11. Is it “get vaccinated “ or “new variant sidesteps vaccine”??hmmm

  12. So much for those unvacinated spreading the disease told ya joe biden likes covid he gets his own people to help kill Americans how many more people need to died because joe biden ignores covid

  13. See the vaccines aren’t effective either so mask up.

  14. Trump is the reason we have the vaccine. He did tell people to get the vaccine.

  15. Covid was not dangour. but now it is very Fierce. government and administration failed to handle mild symptoms virus. how they will handle Fierce virus veriant. saty safe. don't depend on such disgusting people whos prediction never comes true. saty safe from 3rd dangour wave. government is no seriously to save. next day will be very worst for economic crises. every nation hiding fact of Virus dangourness and future fierce impact. don't depend on drug made vaccination depend on safe distance , mask up, and wash hands time to time and sanitize surface safe.

  16. Dear friends, please watch this video and think about what has been said
    This man speaks the Truth!

  17. Isnt this Journalistic malpractice you are telling us about WH and Lawmakers getting infected and you switch to Sean Hannity, McConnell and Trump??? WTF Tell us why they got infected, no masks on a plane… The super spreader event! ABC is misinformation.

  18. It's the Texas democratic group. Breakthrough lol.

  19. Decrying COVID health pass | Tear gas deployed at thousand-strong rally in Nantes

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