Thursday , September 16 2021
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Brian Kilmeade on Simone Biles' withdrawal: Anxiety isn't weakness

‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Brian Kilmeade weighs in on Simone Biles withdrawing from the individual all-around competition for mental health reasons.

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  1. Maybe others at Fox News need to STOP promoting division in our country.
    I’m Tucker Carlson, Hannity, have been trying to drill in to the minds of America that our Country is a white nation and everyone else is worthless.
    We all need to ask ourselves …. what if ALL of the “others” really decided to leave ?!?!

  2. She's a quitter and a disgrace to her country. Period

  3. Uncoordinated fatsos who cannot touch their toes talking about gymnastics…. lmao.

  4. This bi#"" cheated another American from winning a gold medal for America. She deliberately did this. She should be stripped of her medals and be stripped them anymore Olympic games.

  5. pop some xanax it is weakness, she took someones spot

  6. If you're a runner and you're having a bad day, you might lose the race,
    if you''re a gymnast, you might break your neck and be paralyzed for life.

  7. Biles the GOAT OF QUITTING 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Thank you so much for this compassionate response! Other conservatives have been so quick to judge. It makes me so upset for her. How can any of us judge such an elite athlete who has proven herself many times over? Let’s support this amazing fellow American in her recovery 🇺🇸 ❤️

  9. McCarthy and his House whores have come up with a crazy spin on the 106 insurrection, blaming it on Pelosi because she did not make the Capitol insurrection-proof! Of course, insurrections are so common that Pelosi should have done that! Crazy or what? In fact, Pelosi is not even responsible for Capitol security!

  10. People just hating. I think some white folks are mad because we do things way better than them. Is it me or does the media and racist white people love hating on successful black women that become successful. I dislike this video its nothing but hate.

  11. Biles made too much money and gained too much fame to risk her health in gymnastic competition. It is pity she did not withdrew before travelling to Tokyo. I thought US women still could win gold medal.

  12. I won't say "weak", but she is selfish and dishonest. She took a position on a TEAM that many other girls would have loved and enjoyed as the experience of a lifetime, then she left the team hanging when things got tough and it was clear she wasn't performing as well as she had hoped. Rather than give it her best and stick with her teammates, she quit and made it all about herself.

    There was pressure? Stress? No kidding, it's the Olympics. Maybe don't increase the pressure on yourself by labeling yourself the GOAT going in. She wasn't performing well and she quit. Don't make her a hero – her teammates, who hung in for the silver, deserve the praise.

  13. I love Brian, he is so compassionate, level headed, and a super author…kudos nice job a cut above the rest…don't let gutfield bring ya down!!

  14. What ever, we all have our problems. shes no different and in any case it is none of anyones business. live and let live for gods sakes.

  15. She probably feels bad since her brother murdered 3 people. She paid the big bucks for the best lawyers to get him off… god works in mysterious ways…

  16. "WOKENESS" is a mental disorder…there I said it.

  17. Brian, Thank you for your point of view, gor me, it was an eye-opener.

  18. she was ok in the warm up-but a football player doesn't quit in a game. She should have not joined the OLYMPICS THIS YEAR-give someone else the chance

  19. We all have our problems. God bless her.

  20. That’s the only thing -gymnastics, that she does, for real 🤦🏻, she’s even in the competition already, then she faces adversity and cannot handle it, that’s weak big dawg

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