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Brian Laundrie search: Apparent human remains found, not yet identified l WNT

FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael McPherson said police also found items that belonged to Laundrie, like a backpack and a notebook. McPherson said a team will be on site for several days.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Does anyone else smell BS? Just a little too convenient that the parents who have been tight-lipped finally have something to say and he happens to be found. Anyone can be paid off to say yeah those are his remains. I need more to 100% feel that's him. Money talks..

  2. Can’t wait till the coroners report as to how long he has been dead for? Could be interesting 🤔

  3. It is not true, he is alive, he preferred to remove his teeth and a bone before going to jail with the help of his parents he mocked the police, see the video of Vieira Vidente,
    I think he should come to the farmilia as a pet so that he keep looking and investigating the parents so that scum will pay for what he did.

  4. Taxpayers money saved- checked!!

  5. Hey ABC, your machine cannot distract us. The NIH admitted the US Funded Gain Of Function Research, which means Fauci LIED To Congress. Go cover some real news.

  6. I hope they keep this case open until they are sure they have all perpetrator caught

  7. I don't know why the police are saying they don't have all the evidence they only people who need to know or the Pollito family and the laundry family the news needs to stop getting the world all chaos over all these missing people people have better things to do they should have better things to do

  8. Something just ain't rite with this they searched there how long now he just appears and they know rite where to find him .

  9. Something smells fishy here. No pun intended.

  10. highly suspicious why parents of brian are the one leading the investigators to the site where brian supposed remains is located.

  11. every president, in every nation is a P U P P E T. we all know about it, we are just waiting for war to break out, in the end there is no where to run, Unless if you are billionaire like those cocksuckers Musk, Bezos etc., My fellow brothers and sisters around the world embrace what you have and enjoy the peace while we have it. Be well world. May God be with you all.

  12. I call BS on "Medical Records". Coroner's are notorious for being cheaply bought off. The two weakest links.
    As far as proving this is the murder: They will need to get DNA match with both parents to prove to any scientist/educated person that he is dead; and that will need to be verified by an independent forensic examiner hired by Gabby's parents.
    Then, we have done all that can be done.
    Sounds macabre, but it's been done, re: get bones from grave of last dead relative, but there will not be any with BOTH their DNA, so they can't try the ol' we will just use mitochondrial DNA from mother!
    One of my favorite Psychics said his father killed him in rage (eg. the 911 calls after he got home, before gabby found, and not about due to her dad's threats); and they were "cure"-ing body outside (😳).

    We all WATCHED Brian's parents behave suspiciously & bizarrely for weeks; and their own daughter agreed including the following:
    (1) parents took filled bag of canned goods to attorney office- then, left office with bag empty and folded
    (2) Brian's father has a business rental unit in same office building as fake "attorney".
    (3). Parents talking to, and playing with a hand in their garden plot (that appeared only after Gabby's death discovered)
    (4) Brian's parents had work done on their lawn, after Gabby's body was found- this resulted in two square in-ground, what appeared to be gardening, units constructed.
    (5). Parent's drove to attorney office but made hour detour to a library, where they did not consulting anyone, book or periodical
    (6). parent's Lied to FBI about where the mustang had been, how long, and date of him fleeing LE
    (7). parents made several 911 calls before Brian left
    (8). Parents phone records or burner phone buying has not been exposed
    (9) Brian's social media has been updated daily
    (10). The odds against the parents scampering out to reserve and finding Brian's "body" before they broke a sweet, is 10billion-to-1
    (11) parent's "new" garden plots they were playing in, but not cultivating, needs to be examined

  13. Brian's family knew Gabby would ruin their sons life.

  14. The Laundrie’s attorney is completely wrong and he and the parents should be arrested! They knew where Brian was but said nothing until they made a deal with the FBI. Where’s the empathy for the Petito family and for Gabby. They all have anger issues and not surprising they are such good friends. Sick and need arrested!!

  15. MAGA/Q people see this and be like "I don't know…I'm gonna have to do my own research to see if this is true!"

  16. Two people go out but only one comes back, one person goes out and never comes back. Very suspicious.

  17. This all seems odd to me. The day the parents decide to look is the day they find everything after a month of exhaustive search? What did they do, kill some poor houseless guy who was roughly the same age and pull of a couple of Brian's teeth for DNA matching? If there was a full human skull with the teeth attached, then fine, but if there were loose teeth I would be highly suspicious.

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