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Briefing Room: Hurricane Dorian, 3rd vaping-related death reported, deadly blast in Afghanistan

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  1. Hate to be such a least the news team will not need any sloughing cream

  2. Ima stop vaping but just to see if I feel better now

  3. It’s disappointing and unfortunate that ABC didn’t vet Ms. Hightower for the Air Marshal segment aired on 09/07/2019.

    Your segment identified Ms. Hightower as the president of the union. This is not accurate. Ms. Hightower’s business wasn’t formed until January 28th of this year. It’s membership is limited and doesn’t represent the majority of flying Air Marshals.

    The established union, the Air Marshal Association, is the union that represents the majority of flying Air Marshals and has a highly qualified legislative director and a team of legal experts who specialize in federal employment issues.

    In contrast, Ms. Hightower’s business uses a single attorney whose background is in tax, real estate, and general law. This puts any Air Marshal at risk for have inexperienced council for any legal issue.

    Any past accomplishments Ms. Hightower discussed could not possibly be attributed to her business, as her business has existed for less than a year and quite possibly the reason she cannot get a meeting with the agency is because her business is not recognized as the union for Air Marshals and does not represent the majority of flying Air Marshals. The Air Marshal Association represents the majority of Air Marshals.

    In addition, some of Ms. Hightower’s claims are highly suspect, but it would appear ABC did not investigate those claims and instead relied on Ms. Hightower’s statements as fact.

    Even the majority of Ms. Hightower’s Facebook followers are her personal friends and not federal employees.

    While it is factual there are issues within the agency concerning Air Marshals, the Air Marshal Association has in fact made changes through its legislative director, is actively working with both the agency and Congress to make further changes, and will continue to do so.

  4. You dont stop like a cig, it scared me enough to know why

  5. Its highly concentrated ,and you keep somking it,you overdose due to concentrated ,hock very potented ,I stop vaping I have the answer, I stoped, chest pains,muscus so thick it take your breath away THC vap, I quit 1 month ago still coughing up,mucus

  6. Lord, please be with these people, their families & anyone reading this. Lord, bless them with miracles & safety! In Jesus name, Amen! ❤

  7. (1:34) I don't care how much you pay me, I'm not going into the eye of the storm for a weather report. Hats off to that woman! That's terrifying!

  8. I must be the only person in the world that doesn't like shopping. Shop Online.🛍️💻

    I am happy that our shopping centres in Australia do not sell gun's nor allow entry of gun's. In fact I am pleased that Australia doesn't allow generally posetion of ✋ gun's particularly among civilians. It is safer.

  9. it’s very wet
    also I’m the 69th comment. Nice.

  10. Nice…place the ABC logo over the picture of a dead service members face.

  11. You know why those people probably died from vape mods?
    Because they probably bought the cheap ass plastic box mods and kits. They most likely used cheap ass juice and coils or they didn't make there coil right and didn't care either. Vaping isnt that bad. Maybe the government should be worried about all the fucking Violence in the world instead of vaping.

  12. Thanks, Air Marshals, for all you do to keep us safe.
    Carolyn M Scotti

  13. Air marshal rep is a Whistler

  14. Anti-vape movement pushed by a government senator who has his hands in the do pockets of tobacco lobbyists

  15. How could any person think, that vaping is safe? Isn’t this inhaling vapors?
    Carolyn M Scotti

  16. I've been vaping for 10 years. 25 year smoker and the doc tells me I have the beginning stages of emphysema. He said I'd be on oxygen in 7 years, dead in 12!
    I started vaping and 10 years later my lungs are perfectly clear! Not even a sign of the disease! I don't get sick every 3 months with a long lasting cold like I did as a smoker either. These people dying or getting sick must be vaping the cheap shit. I bet big tobacco is pissed they lost 11 million smokers! 😈

  17. If you US citizens feel so afraid of each other that you have to carry around a gun, why not get yourself pepper spray, a tazer or some other non lethal weapon???

  18. Where's this NEWS? Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani charged with trying
    to sabotage Miami flight Another TERRORIST attack thwarted but not mentioned by the MSM and ABC. Hmmm.

  19. America the great terrorist leaders all over the world

  20. Stop sending money on these foolish and irresponsible "Trumpian" decisions to solve the world's problems! Trump is a fool!

  21. And what has our president done for ANY KIND OF ASSURANCE to the people of this country? Not a damn thing!

  22. The Vaping story sounds fishy..You want me to believe smoking vegetable oil, flavoring, and nicotine, all organic, is somehow harmful?…I heard the stuff coming out of china is unregulated and can be harmful if not fatal,but how can the aforementioned all natural, good quality, ingredients be harmful??/

  23. Lauren Kelly's eyebrows… Dude. 7:00

  24. What do you mean it's heading out to sea it's literally heading straight for Atlantic Canada


  26. Ridiculous we are negotiating with the Taliban. For one thing, they are a murderous organization. For another, what happened to the dictum of the US never to negotiate with terrorists?
    I wanted them to leave years ago, but at this point, no way to leave!
    It would be 20 wasted years there, would make it look like the US is running scared, the Government of Afghanistan would collapse, and the country would be thrown into chaos!
    Trump doesn't know what he's doing yet again and shows what happens when there are no 'intelligent voices' left in the White House, and a man tries to do it all alone with no 'real' advisors!
    History has shown time and again that a man that doesn't listen to others, who doesn't take advice from anyone, is doomed to failure (there is no 'Art of the Deal' here Trump, you need some 'good advisors')!

  27. Thousands die every day from cigarettes yet we are spazzing out over 4 deaths?? Wtf is going on?

  28. U see dats the truth not 911 u no wat I meen 👽 money trump .

  29. I vape nicotine, not drugs that are from those black market cartridges. I’m not sick, 3 years and in fact my health has improved. It’s not regular nicotine vaping doing this but of course no one will say that, might mess up their law suits.

  30. there is a big bullshit hype about vaping tobacco companies has killed millions of people in just 4 decades all around the world has grown into an 80 billion dollar industry and corporations like the one here has extensively profited thru tax breaks by investing their money their employees money into shares of tobacco companies tobacco contains 2000 chemicals witch is known by the FDA the federal government also knows that smoking leads to debilitating pain and suffering for generations to come it took decades for lawyers to prove how deadly the product is yet republicans continue to profit and benefit from the corporate handouts the tobacco industry has to offer and when congress senate and white house is controlled by republicans it's all party because corporate tax cuts enables them to continue to keep up the lies and feed greedy corporate lawyers to dodge lawsuits from private citizens who incurred debilitating medical conditions because the government with their corporate allies continue to conspire against those who suffer the consequences of 1 company deadly product,so disney abc and others can shove it up all the way to their asses because private citizens doesn't need a loud mouth of greedy politicians.

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