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Briefing Room: Impeachment inquiry latest, time running out on ‘cease fire’ in Syria, opioid crisis

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  1. All the poor souls that have to listen to the corrupt Democrats and the mainstream media. ABC news sucks as most liberals do.

  2. There was no cease fire

  3. I would love you to research what the hell Obama was talking about about a civilian security Force. I think should find out who these people who developed what these objectives were . It might be relevant today. It could have been the objectives was the turn us over into a communist government.

    Who created Obama's national security objectives?

    Months before Election Day Obama made the following frightening proclamation: "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We've gotta have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."

    Seeing how our government is focusing on home-schoolers, people with gardens, gun owners and Christians, I demand to know who "We've" is and what were those goals? Do you think Congress, if they are not already in lock step in creating a police state, might demand to know who shaped these objectives and what they are, under oath?

    We are running out of time folks regarding what the Hell Obama was really talking about. Hell he sold us a bill of goods on ObamaCare. I want to know why the government is running drills on conditioning our military and police to fire on civilians while we fund Al Qaeda in Middle East!
    Could this explain the purge of our most experienced high ranking military officers? Hello! Ask your senators and congressman for answers to these questions! But then again, maybe they already sold us out!


    Joseph DuPont

  4. What are you talking about did your script say rant? I watched it he did not rant telling Americans what's going on is not a rant. Msm how do you know what's going on with the SECRET hearings with Schiff is he leaking you info that's Illegal. The transcripts are not public. Secret meetings are facists tactics why are you not reporting that.

  5. What happened to the "russia collusion" from fake news and the libidiots? Is that next week?

  6. What happened to the whistleblower ? AMERICAN TAXPAYERS want to see who it is .

  7. What happened to the whistleblower ? Wheres Adam schiff evidence of Russian anything ? What happened to the Russian bots ? 30 of them . Indicted by Mueller . How that case going ?

  8. Tell us why you , fake news ABC , used a Kentucky shooting display to make people think it was Syria ? You wanted America to think !! That the video was the Turkish shooting the KURDS . You lied and got caught ! Why ?

  9. He gives his salary back ? Who does that ? He was going to donate his property for free ? So now tax payers get to pay for a rental ? Thanks Democrats again for complaining our way to more taxpayer money !

  10. Intelligent people don't stay on a job that cost them money. Get real! Trump has cost this Country more than money can buy back not to mention' all the taxpayer dollars he has just blew thru. Trump would not understand that.

  11. Of course he's losing money… Its what he does… He's paid for his place in society with his parent's money and now our tax money… This is all so stupid and self serving…he really does only care about himself…

  12. Trumps awesome and going to win 2020 with ease…these dems have lost it

  13. Watch out for trumps hair it might eat u

  14. Trump sh!ts on the Constitution, as his followers make him their God. To them, he can do NO wrong.

  15. Remember there was only fifty troups

  16. What he is not telling the truth you have got to be kidding

  17. I get more promotion than anybody who has ever lived……

    I think Jesus got you beat you idiot

  18. British: DID I HEAR OPIODS!!!!!!!!

  19. Oh, come, Trump! The taxpayers were to pay for that summit and then we all know you would have pocketed the money you asked of your guests to pay for 10 rooms per person like you did in the past. This was to supplement the hotel that was financially doing poorly.

  20. It may be boring but what's more important..boredom or transparency??
    Typical bad comments here from alphabet media lovers who just follow these partisan hacks comments and can't think for themselves.

  21. Trump is having a challenge in focusing on the relevant. Insisting Doral was a great idea. Still cannot address emollients, & has not turned over taxes. Said no blood spilled in Syria, but that is far from exact.

  22. Well, the only people who matter are the American troops…other people's blood don't matter at all….God how infuriating!

  23. Trump: The Constitution is fake. Get rid of the Constitution and we can have the greatest country ever. 😂😂😂😂

  24. So there’s no commitment to support and save Lives, but there’s a huge commitment to support and save Oil Money!
    The lives of allies doesn’t count, but oil money does… GOD really has turned to Gold, Oil Money…

  25. Impeachment of Trump would certainly be a blunder as it will without doubt strike the match that ignites the second civil war. And I will be that match.

  26. Please with this fake impeachment 😒

  27. Show America that you have done it for free then! Any word coming out from his mouth is 99.99% a liar ! Impeach and remove this clown! He is the worst embarrassment for America!

  28. If we have to borrow a trillion dollars every year that he's in office I don't think the economy is doing that good. Three trillion dollars so far.

  29. I dont even worry about this garbage impeachment talk. President Trump will win by a landslide. How do I know? Because these are the same fools who said Hillary Clinton would win when they lied to us all. Liars will lie and fall hard! That's just the truth. You cant mix a little truth and smash it with more lies. That's not how true Journalism works……that's propaganda garbage.


  31. $260 million isn't much but it is a start.

  32. The Democrats have become Trump's punching bag.

  33. sometimes employers need a reason to sack incompetent employees who probably spend there whole wage on food and eat it during the employers time

    Trump is Putin's Puppet and dangerous to the USA…

  35. Trump is like that bunny battery commercial where the Bunny keeps moving and moving Trump keeps talking and talking and talking and talking and talking!!!

  36. I find it funny how the Democratic Party gets so triggered lol

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