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Briefing Room: Impeachment showdown, Turkey ceasefire, Remembering Rep. Elijah Cummings | ABC News

#Impeachment #TurkeyCeasefire #ElijahCummings

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  1. Listed below are the major companies that advertise on fake news NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS – just in case you want to boycott them.

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  2. RIP you stupid liberals! President Trump wins hands down in a 2020.

  3. The Democrats and the Republicans all all fucking corrupt I trust none of them. I'd love to see some real news sometime again.

  4. He's your president ABC stop acting like children.. he's done more for this country than anyone has in a very very very long time.

  5. I see know problem whatsoever.

  6. May he rest in debtor's hell!

  7. Baltimore has the most children trafficking cases in the u.s???? Black traitor leaders not safe.

  8. Preasured? Biden is a criminal. Truth evidence is trump corruption is all biden is!

  9. Biden blackmaleed ukrain! Corrupt should never be allowed to run for anything evidence is out on vidio

  10. Ps. The president can say do fire anytime

  11. Bidens own words. I told them to FIRE INVESTIGATOR OR THERE WOULD BE NO BILLION DOLLARS HAHAHA.. THE NEXT HE WAS FIRED.! Hahaha. Biden we allllll saw you spuing corruption

  12. Biden cummings poloski shummer are all evil

  13. Impeachment for what…. winning??

  14. The "briefing" room? Shouldn't this be called the "lying" room? Or perhaps the "fake news" room?
    Sorry ABC, we're buying this bullshit anymore.

  15. Impeachment is getting white hair already if it was a human.

  16. I say remove Trump from office. She's not a very good president and obviously he has abused his power

  17. Either get over it or impeach. Stop being little bitches either way if you think you got him go for it. You people are nothing but opinion journalist your opinion is all that you got. The fact that the house isn't impeaching tells you they have nothing.

  18. beware. the descendants of the Ottoman Empire are not brainwashed & irrational like most Muslims. they know what they're doing.

  19. Love the way Trump and his cronies backpedal constantly….. And fire fight to fix their mess…e.g. Trump's doosy regarding the Kurds and Turkey.

  20. Sunlara bak amk bizim derdimiz bunlari germis

  21. Anybody believe in what these jokers called news is just hilarious. ABC should change their name to FNC fake news broadcast

  22. He is such a joke, trying to cover up for the TRUMPSTER?????? The TRUTH……trump wants help from other countries to win another election!!!!

  23. ABC is selling fake news and the majority aren’t buyin into it. 😆

  24. Cummings loved nothing more than money. He diverted $16 million destined to help fix up his shithole district. Where did it go? To his grave? A good guy maybe. But a typical political crook.

  25. Meanwhile back in the land of reality: The US didn't withdraw thousands of troops. They moved 50-100 "advisors" to somewhere else in Syria. So get over it. This is just BS.

  26. Trump and ALL his criminals have to go

  27. “You Guys”. STOP SAYING THAT!

  28. Why is the DNC server in Ukraine? Isn't that kinda, I dunno, suspicious?

  29. Orange dress, quit saying “guys.”

  30. LOL you clowns can’t do your job for shit claiming this video was syria getting bombed when in reality it was a event at a shooting range people go to see in Kentucky

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