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Briefing Room: SCOTUS gay & transgender rights cases, impeachment latest, Syria troop withdrawal

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  1. Like Donald Trump says…

  2. Nobody want to go into a public bathroom with one of those sick fu£kin Sodom & Gamorah queers.

  3. #Scotus

    If LGBTQ+ can run for President, Congress and be appointed SC, it must be protected from all discrimination.

  4. A message to communication scientists in America
    US telecom scientists saved us from governments taking control of the Internet and making it broadcast from satellites in the case of satellite TV.

  5. When just a few simple words.. Clean and clear.. not just for adults but fr children and the can react to positive things abt anything.. I really like interesting and very simple news… For building understanding.. Great news on great cause later on.🌿🌷 Peace.

  6. America is THE country for LGBT members. So much noise, images, talks, shows etc anytime a gay issue comes out publicly. #luck

  7. Don’t you love it when existing is a political statement?

  8. You are NOT a protected class based on what you choose to shove inside yourself.

  9. I feel bad for the funeral home because they are damned if they do, damned if they don't. They hired a man. This person made a choice to change gender. The employees at this facility know this person as man, and may now be open to discrimination law suites for using the wrong pronouns, will possibly have to vet complaints about this person choice in restrooms, etc. It maybe they just did not want to touch on these issues, and just decided as a result, to let this person go. The person appearing before the court was given a termination letter, not bashed or called out, just let go from the position.

  10. It seems that the Republicians are also a party of BULLIES who are as CONTROLLING, but only to Congress and towards Nancy Pelosi and her team into this Ukraine issue and as always in all matters relating to TRUMP the MAFIA GODFATHER & FAKE POTUS.

  11. Listen up . Another HUGE "DISTRACTION" to bring to the FOREFRONT by SCOTUS to assist Trump BIGGER UKRAINE PROBLEM TO COVER UP. His buddy Bret Kavanagh who brought this matter to overshadow Trump Ukraine call SCANDAL. Observe it the NORM in the Trump CLANS. CORRUPTION, CORRUPTION. WAKE UP AMERICA. SEE THE BIG PICTURE.

  12. Love who you love
    Be who you want to be
    Don't let anyone stop you

  13. Next they will give legitimacy to pedophiles, hedonist and those into beastiality.

  14. What's wrong with trans people they have the same rights as LGBT and I am bisexual and I always were guy clothes and I became like emo and so do you think that will be against me cuz I'm Native American and Mexican so bitch you better get your American straight right cuz this is not America that I remember and plus do not Donald Trump doesn't even care about any type of a race they're trying to ruin my drive they want to get rid of all the natives and the Mexicans because of one dumb shit come on

  15. Sexual orientation is not a civil right. Neither, is transgender a sex. Those of us who live in reality knows how the Supreme Court's going to rule. The US constitution doesn't address gay rights at all.

  16. Gay skydiver!??? 😒holdup🤔 so he got his junk on other men backside flying threw the air 🤨……..oooook🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  17. Do people have yet to understand not everyone needs to reproduce? The worlds population is huge and homosexuals are inadvertently curbing the population in a positive way and adopting and taking care of the children you irresponsible straight people are leaving out.

  18. D.C., vote on USMCA. Trade pact agreed to by Canada, Mexico, and U.S. JOBS!

  19. If people can do their job well let them work.

  20. Society is not required to participate in this man's delusions and sexual fetish.

  21. this fucking Bastard David Muir you son of a bitch you reported fake news you lying mother fucker there is no impeachment inquiry you dumb asshole the whole US House has to vote on the inquiry you dumb ass son of a bitch ABC news is just like the rest of the shit media when the American people start to work taking care of there families you Bastards of the media try to fuck the American people 5 networks control all the News in America and you bastards will pay you can't hide you will come out of you protective hole sooner than you think , you sons of bitches the people have had enough of you lying bastards we want justice we want you mother fucker's indicted for treason to support the over throw of a n elected government. ABC is a sick ass network we must get rid of Disney run them the fuck out of America they support the overthrow of our Constitution yes Disney Corporation support the overthrow of Our Constitution how sad these idiots that walt Disney left us to run Disney.

  22. God created Adan then got a piece of Adan ribs to created a woman. Therefore gay has no right place on earth. Hope God forgive all gay who try to correct God and open the eyes to know who there are.

  23. watching the news tonight 45 has made sure that a war will soon be on American soil.SHARP SHOOTERS true patriots in your time not your grandchildren

  24. Pedo Joe Biden colluded with Syria, got Hungary, and ate Turkey with Germany. Send Ukrainian Pedo Joe to defend Syria. He will lie them to defeat. Send the NATO cowards to protect and finance their own interests. NATO pussies.

  25. when you don't understand the meaning of civilization you will help those that's fighting for homosexual to have right.

  26. They are on their way to take the rights away from Business owners.
    As a business owner I should have a right to employ whoever I feel is capable to do the job. There are already laws in place. If a business owner doesn’t feel confident in an employee then they should have the capability to fire.

    As with one of the cases that they’re putting before the courts is an employer that hired a man for a particular purpose and now has changed to a woman (a woman that they didn’t hire). Who is in the right? Maybe that business does not believe in this action or it could be just as simple as they wanted to male image to present that particular job. So if the male that they hired is now a female they are not dressed correctly for that position.
    I should not have the government tell me whom I can hire or fire above the laws that are already in place.

  27. What rights dont LBGTQ have in America?

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