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Briefing Room: Stock market drops, Trump's immigration policy, White House plans for gun control

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  1. Wow, this guy is the arbiter of what "the market" is thinking?? He must be the richest man on earth, to know what the market is thinking at all times. I don't think anyone who knows REALLY thinks Trump is doing a bad job, I think they are financially globalized to the point that if America does well, theylose money, so they try to control the narrative.

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  3. Bit coin has no backing America

  4. It's a bunch of crap. The u.s economy is not doing good. When was the last time we were in a bull market ?….

  5. Stock dropped over 2000 points under obama🤔🤔

  6. Democrats are all MOTHER FUCKERS

  7. ALL I can say is wow trump is the one that lost a billion dollars .. trump is the one that can not get a bank loan from any US bank .. trump is the one that had every business he started failed … and sad Jerome Powell is clueless ?

  8. 💆 its hard when both sides are trying to use the fear model

  9. You guys want the stock market crash too hurt Donald Trump ! Most people are very hip to your game and your political strategy !
    So you'll tank the stock market just to blame President Trump ! You got to remember something we still will be around after these politicians are done in office !

  10. Punk assed motherfuckin GODDAMN BITCH!

  11. All Trump has to do is ' threaten' to reinstate Executive Order 11110 and the Fed with do as he says!

  12. DEBT is the US economy HEART, blood is the people who take loans, now guess what happens if you stop DEBT flow? For USA debt is like air, no DEBT US economy dies.

  13. holly shit abc how fucking far can you sink ?

  14. Trump is backwardness on steroids.

  15. Has trump made America great again?

  16. Regulations being rolled back don't have anything to do with the current spike in contamination????

  17. Man jobs are great now so much money in small business now man trump is doing very good at what he dose

  18. strongest country with the most CRAPPIEST, stupid GUN LAW

  19. How can anybody trust a man who can't get a loan from any Bank in America and ten bankruptcys?!?

  20. Dow Jones is a bull shits indexes not a bull run indexes , how can it be hitting above 25 k point ? No market value that can hit this number

  21. 4 bankruptcy’s let him run the economy what could go wrong

  22. 1st off….how many bankruptcies has Trump gone through!!! He shouldn't be playing with the American money. All 3 branches need to step in before it's to bad!!!

  23. No one cares about any of this irrelevant Bs… let’s impeach trump ! That’s what we need to talk about !

  24. Nobody could bring the U S down but with Trump in the whitehouse it did not took long to bring this country down.

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  26. Boy who could of known winning could hurt soo much!

  27. Trump’s economy!
    I hope the noninbreds who voted for him in 2016 don’t vote for him again.

  28. Trump, shut the hell up. Your ignorance is showing

  29. You people are despicable, blaming Trump again for murders? People will use everything fine excuse, stop your fake news…

  30. Exactly leafy 👍 more BS from a BS President

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