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Briefing Room: Trump fights impeachment, Facebook won't remove Trump ad, Turkey invades Syria

#TrumpImpeachment #FacebookPoliticalAds #Syria #ABCNews

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  1. kurds will always be forgotten in media

  2. Ah! who can imagine that Trump would not roll over others, especially democrats without consideration!? Why should he expect any better when impeachment is rolling over him? Trump still receives the full protection of the law he is not willing to comply with himself!

  3. Show us your taxes crooked orange ding a ling.we see them, your going to the Klink. Go wash Putin's car orange pool boy.

  4. Trump will use the stupid public to support his dictatorship.

  5. Really biden??😣😣😣👎👎👎

  6. 52 million voters don't care.

  7. Whoever this black girl is..she just LIED..LOL

  8. Send me a message a time and date and location if ur sore about my post!!!!!!!!!!

  9. For thousands of years in the imperial society, China has precipitated many idioms that describe the darkness of the imperial power. These idioms are strung together and can form an article that reveals the darkness of the imperial power.
    One of the idioms is called "mouth honey belly sword". Looking back on this short period of time, not counting the civilian population, there are many rich and powerful people killed by several central leaders! Ma Jian, Zhang Shousheng, Xu Caihou, Lai Changxing, Wu Xiaohui, Wang Lijun. . . . . This is the rule of extermination of humanity, which is the rule of making human tragedies! Under their hypocritical and sweet smile, they are more vicious than animals. If they need it, they will never be murderous! President Trump’s hand is full of blood, and the sweet appearance is the heart of a poison sword! If you don’t feel poisonous, you can’t be the head of the devil world. Their strength comes from their viciousness! Every head has been suppressed and killed, every one, they are vicious devil king! Only kill, must kill, they will feel safe. Stability is overwhelming, stability is their lifeline! Their lives are built on the death of others! ! ! What negotiating skills are pale and powerless, even seemingly weak and ridiculous! Treat the devil, only a fatal blow! ! !

  10. Trump does not get IT! He is helping Turkey commit genocide. I call that a complicit crime. By the way, I protest against any political adverts on Facebook or other internet media. Too much garbage comes from this evil goon (Our Current President).

  11. How the hell can that idiot not be held, but you or I can be held WITHOUT charges, indefinately, with no counsel or trial?

  12. What did presidents do before social media?

  13. IMPEACH TRUMP!!! We've seen what he's done with the country, his lying about his interaction with other nations and his tweeting rants show him as a man with despicable attitudes about the American people.

  14. The reason why the rules utilized in the Clinton Impeachment are being bypassed is because this is not a true Impeachment Hearing, it is an INQUIRY. Secondly,
    Where are the impeachable acts? All that wasted money, time and unnecessary drama and Still NO Chargable Offenses!!! Remove Schiff, Nader, and Pelosi and charge them with Treason and Dereliction of Duty. They have accomplished zero since POTUS took office. Frustrating, Sad and disturbing time for all American Citizens. Someone needs to stop this and soon. God Bless President Trump.

  15. Fuck rump and the rest of u ignorant nasty hateful motherfuckers

  16. Cadet Bonespurs… sold out sack of shit….we will PArty when this traitor is fkn dead

  17. Hmmm? Yes, this would work if half of the Americans were not intellectually challenged and could understand that they should always fact check every bit of information that is told to them. Even if it comes from good friends or family. These people do not understand that their Parents or their even Pastors are wrong sometimes. Well, if they are Crazy Christians they are wrong more than half of the time. But…There was some Church last year who were telling people to murder Homosexuals and if they killed them all by Christmas there would no longer be AIDS. I am talking about shit like this. People should always do real research. Real research means do not trust a lot of websites either. You have to do research to see if they are legitimate too. So, your best bet is to find a site that you trust like I do SNOPES, (they are a fact-checking site). Then you do not have to spend half of your life "Fact-Checking"!!!

  18. How can any one listen to all the crap and give a crap? The life and times of human kind is over. We have poisoned the planet and the air we breath. Products we use are killing us as well. It's all insane. Why are there so many law suits out but the poison products are still marketed. So I got to go to Wal-Mart and get me some round up then I'll shower after I do my lawn and powder my ass when I'm through. Then I'll relax a bit with my electronic cigg. Peace out

  19. Democrats are fucked. They just raped their own ass.

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